The Power of Alignment Multi-Entrepreneurship in Your Senior Years - My Story

The Power of Alignment Multi-Entrepreneurship in Your Senior Years - My Story
Why MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) ALIGNED with Your Unique Essence and Life Mission is Essential for Golden Years Thriving
My Story

Here I was, a Masters degreed Business Psychologist specialising in the relatively new discipline of vibrational energy psychology and NLP practitioner in private practice. I had helped many clients to get unstuck and flourish living a happier life, but I was struggling getting the next client. 

With all my enthusiasm and love for my work, reality became rather self-evident - word-of-mouth is not predictable nor consistent in getting new clients. 
I worked hard to make ends meet, chasing both clients and business leads alike but found myself still strapped for cash. 
I was stuck in the typical self-employed/solopreneur conundrum - if I wanted to earn more, I needed to work more. The old 'trading time for money' paradigm wasn't sustainable and did not work for me. With no leverage or system in place, everything relied on me. I could not take a few days off when I needed to. I did not have a business. I had a j-o-b.

At 60 with no retirement plan or pension, I was even challenged to pay the most basic living expenses. I had become a professional academic statistic, particularly being a woman of that age group.

I could not hide my shame much longer and took on a job, just to survive.
That is how I became a caregiver, receiving minimum pay while working with young people who had mental health challenges and those with severe learning disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, including those who were wheelchair bound. Now, I worked 70 daytime hours, interspersed with four nightshifts per week, while at the same time juggling clients and my therapeutic coaching business. 

Whilst caregiving was a very honourable job, the inevitable happened - burnout, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, damaged spine and finally literally wound up in hospital with a potentially life threatening disease. All this had a devastating effect on my physical energy. I was tired and fried, craving sleep all the time barely making it through the day.

Something had to change! I quit the caregiving job and decided to make network marketing a viable part of my multi-stream of income proposition. After all, essential oils were a perfect and complementary match in a health and wellness mindset coaching practice. 

However, one of the products became a total game-changer personally for me! It's an essential oils infused super juice drink formulated in such a way that it gently lifts my overall energy so I can think with clarity, feeling great and no longer have energy slumps disrupting my working day! It's my daily go-to I would no longer want to be without!

OK, so,  I had to learn the hard way that network marketing is a profession with skills and a proper mindset that needs schooling and mentoring in a structured, systematic way to avoid becoming a network marketing failure statistic.

Now in my 70's and with growing knowledge - you never stop learning and developing as a person - I find myself enjoying the business building aspect of this venture. It combines what I love doing together with a lucrative lifestyle business that empowers increased vitality, youthfulness, and health.

It has become my dream to help other older professional women, coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, and intuitive health professionals add network marketing to their existing venture!