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The New Way 
  to Retire


Serving Senior Entrepreneurs
Mastering and Staying in the Inner Game & Flourish!


It's Never Too Late To Create The Life You Love, and Thrive in!

The New Way to Retire is to Live Full-Out on Your Terms
Celebrating Your Lifetime of Knowledge and Experiences,
Flourishing as a Digital Entrepreneur.

... and we'll give you the tools to be equipped,
to realize your full potential and
step into the best version of you to fulfil your dreams,
                                ... without wasting precious time
to live your best life!


What if you could
fully live the life you desire…

Imagine having the time, freedom and choice to be and do whenever, wherever and whatever you want, whilst at the same time enjoying optimal health, vitality, cognitive fitness, emotional wellbeing,

… without the exhausting hustle
without the stress!

 Maybe you’re dreaming of travelling around the globe,
 Maybe you’re entering into new romantic and/or platonic relationship,
 or a meaningful community, or delight yourself more with family activities,
 Maybe you’re becoming involved in causes you believe in,
and exploring things
you’ve always wanted to do
 Maybe you are just not ready to slow down.
You are looking for a new challenge,
You're passionate to use your lifelong experiences
to make a difference in your world,
something to bring you purpose and joy
whilst living the good life as well.

You just want and expect more from the last of your life to be the best of your life,
and leave a meaningful legacy!

… conquering today’s pressures and expectations in holistic systemic natural ways
                              in alignment with your highest good?

Imagine living the good life you’ve always wanted, giving back as a philanthropist to your choice of causes,
together with meaningful friendships within likeminded communities,
mindful living, creating a nurturing space for connection, love, transformation, reconnection
 and coming home to yourself!

Delight in joie de vivre, feeling great, sacred conscious relationships, fulfilled and healthy together. 

As many of my senior entrepreneurial clients joyfully rave about the freedom and possibilities the 'New Retirement' lifestyle brings, it is, however, also pebbled with many challenges they tried to struggle through on their own. 

Most challenges, such as limiting beliefs, not feeling good enough, procrastination, imposter syndrome, stuck in perfectionism, or past unresolved traumas, relationship issues mudding the waters for clarity and focus, or simply lacking the skills to work as one's own boss  in the online world ... not to forget age related wellness issues ... can be resolved!

Hi, I am Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons), MSc Business Psychology. I am a Functional Wellness Empowerment Coach and Transformational Success Mentor to Retirement Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. 

I am German, born and raised, and meanwhile lived in many countries, including Hong Kong for many years, the Netherlands, and other countries. I consider myself a Global Citizen, who currently lives in London, UK, and now contemplating to live in the South of France with my two little dogs.  I'm also a grandmother of two adorable young boys who live with their parents in Sydney, Australia.

Now in my 70's I continue enjoying my passion for travel, the arts, science, spirituality, metaphysics, whole-person functional wellbeing, philanthropy, exploring different cultures, and loving the good life with a touch of luxury. 

I created THE AGE-POSITIVE RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEURS SUPPORT & FUNCTIONAL WELLBEING CENTRE to enrich your current and future wellness experience on this earth, BRAIN/COGNITIVE FITNESS, MENTAL WELLNESS - MIND BODY SPIRIT, to be the most fun, authentic, healthy, and joyful flourishing. (Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor)

I created this web experience like a lifestyle magazine for you, together with age honouring and empowering business psychology coaching and online self-help programs. You can come back at any time to a different section depending on what is important to you at any given moment, or just 'flick' through the 'pages' of the blog posts ... or be entertained by some of the travel or local explorations I am 'inviting' you to. 

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In the 'New Retirement' Wisdom Years as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur,
I invite you to create a new way of life.
I invite you to move out of the sphere of achievement
into the sphere of enjoyment and appreciation, 
and relaxing into the wonder of it all.

inviting you to live from an ego directed life to a soul directed life

We'll help you create a profitable online business
around your flourishing
and rewarding dream lifestyle,
not a squeezed-in lifestyle around a stressful business or boring retirement!

Inspiring Age-Positive Retirement Entrepreneurs

to live and feel fabulous
being boundless joyful
dreamers again!

You still have a big dream to live FULL-OUT with your loved ones, personal passion, and maybe to make your biggest impact yet, possibly leaving  a significant legacy, or just loving a carefree adventure lifestyle.

but …
… you worry, would you have what it takes to make that dream a reality?
… you worry that maybe it’s too late and your health or cognitive fitness might let you down in later life…

Your well-seasoned body and mind in the third chapter of your life goes on strike at times…

Yes! Even if you feel challenged in your body and mind, or mental wellness, it’s time to soar and shine!
It’s time to thrive and live your best life!
Welcome! You have come to the right place!

(Here's a secret: When you don't live the life you really want to to be living, you cringe at the passing of time ... however, when you really live the life you want to live, when you are present, when you are engaged in the activities that give you a sense of aliveness,
you're too busy enjoying your life to worry about it passing.)

We'll Help You Craft the Rest of Your Life
to be the Best of Your Life!
Creating Your Uniquely Desired Time, Freedom, Choice & Boost Age-Positive Vitality,
Mind and Brain Wellness,
Expanding into New Levels of Consciousness,
and Flourishing in All Aspects of Your Life!

with Geli Heimann
BSc. (Hons.), MSc. Bus. Psych

 We are committed to helping You reach
fulfilment and joy as a SeniorPreneur,
natural optimal wellness,
emotional & spiritual healing, and
offering age related
wellbeing solutions
together with an opportunity
to increase your personal sovereignty,
and leave a legacy ...
whilst having fun doing it, playfully living full-out!

It's Never Too Late To Abundantly Create The Life You Love!

What is on your Bucket List?
What are you dreaming about?

Is it a yoga retreat somewhere in Bali?
or some relaxing and rejuvenating time at a resort in Maui?
        .... maybe join the team in Valencia, Spain?

Or you might enjoy taking a selfie before taking off in a hot air balloon ride ... not to mention having a go at steering a formular one car around a track.

Or perhaps you want some hands-on work together with other philanthropists and help rebuild homes, schools and hospitals in disaster zones ...

Well, yes, there is so much more!

I personally also love going on educational cruises with lectures and workshops on board and then heading to sites of antiquity.

I would love to know how you would expand your adventure trail or your dream experiences ... :)

                       & Aroma Soul Spa

Even the most successful and happiest amongst us are likely waging a battle of self doubt, stress, and possible lingering effects of past trauma that have not shifted in talk therapy (still getting triggered ? ..) ... always trying to prove ourselves and secretly questioning our own worth.

Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons), MSc Psych, and Functional Wellness, can help you unblock your path to flourish right from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Please note: for privacy and confidential reasons,
some of the names were changed as requested by clients.

"I was stuck, going round in circles ...

As a craniosacral therapist with years of a successful practice, things started to slow down. The years of the pandemic did not help either. As CST (Craniosacral Therapy) is not covered by insurance, my usual clients dropped out due to lack of funds. I was exhausted trying to find new clients. My mind literally ran into a black hole over this dilemma. I was getting scared, getting older with no proper pension, my own quality of life was getting severely compromised whilst dreaming of a better and healthier lifestyle. I was dreaming of being able to buy better quality foods, being able to regularly pamper myself with massages and spa treatments, etc., basically enjoying the freedom to do what what I want and when I want, without the niggling body discomforts and constant money restraints.
I was not after being a big spender, just live comfortably and worry free, enjoying some finer things in life.

Geli helped me to unblock some limiting beliefs which were rooted in old childhood family issues. also used the oils during our therapeutic sessions and introduced me to those amazing food supplements to support my wellness goals. 

Geli also showed me how I could combine my therapeutic wellness service with creating another stream of income with the essential oils and food supplements.

I am now passionately sharing those with other people who also want to be healthier. This gives me a little extra income to realise my dream. I even went on a delightful holiday to Paris with a friend, without having to worry about the cost of it all."
Fiona M. 57, Wilmington, NC.

I was able to help my daughter to pay off her student loan. She is a single mother of two.

My daughter also joined me in my small network marketing business with those essential oils. My little side hustle business is getting more and more profitable.

Thanks to Geli who showed me a simple system to work with. It may be simple, but it is still a lot of hard work, however, I get to do it in hours I choose to work and also get to spend valuable time with the grand kids and my daughter. Plus, I made some amazing new friends who also love a healthier lifestyle.

We 'oldies' even got together to learn about gardening our fresh veggies, something I absolutely love doing!

Well, with the benefit of garden fresh veggies, herbs and essential oils in my cooking, I feel so much better. My right shoulder did some 'de-freezing', and now I can comfortably pick up the little one, and also chase the six year old with his ball game. Grandma is no longer the slow one!
Erica H. 68, Dearborn, MI

So, I was super screwed up!
Talk about having lived my life from wounded history!

I grew up in a family where abuse was normal. My mother was an alcoholic, my father was a narcissist and podophile. He then finally ran off with a younger woman. 

I was the oldest and had to manage the household, my younger siblings, school and doing some extra chores in the neighbourhood to earn a little money. It was dreadful. I lived in constant fear, hiding money and alcohol from my mother. 

It was all too much! My mother died quite young. The domestic violence from my father, together with the alcohol and mixing it with prescription drugs was the demise of my mother.

A friend recommended Geli to me. We have been working
together on this for nearly a year. 

At first I thought this EFT Tapping was really weird. Geli combines this with essential oils. Before meeting Geli, I had some therapy sessions from a typical psychotherapist, but I was still constantly getting triggered.

So the Tapping, the oils, the muscle testing and all that was completely nuts to me at the beginning, but it all worked relatively fast to my surprise.

I felt great after about three months, but decided to have Geli as an on-going accountability partner for me to keep using all those amazing tools. 

 I can’t believe I’m the same woman!”
  ~ Judy 65, London, UK

It's time for us 60/70+ WisdomPreneurs to take back control 
and create the life that is of our own making, and thrive!
Do you agree?

If so, let me know and I will send you Aroma Tips & Tapping for Your Flourishing Every Day!

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... and now the "official" BIO
Rev. Geli Heimann, BSc. (Hons), MSc. Business Psychology, Holistic Mental Wellbeing, Functional Wellness.

Mentor for Professional Business Wellbeing Development,  Sacred Conscious Sexuality Educator & Facilitator, Energy Psychology Practitioner (EFT Tapping), and Confidant to Senior Wisdom Baton Bearers, as well as the Third-Age Spiritual Wellness Professionals, who are also heart-centred and spirit-led retirement entrepreneurs - around the world. She is also a Christ Consciousness Ordained Minister, in spiritual service for over 43 years.
Geli is particularly interested in helping her older Sisters and Brothers in all matters Brain Health! Cognitive health is increasingly recognised as a key component of overall health and wellness.

 She is passionate in empowering savvy sage WisdomPreneurs so that they can be the Divine Leaders they were unapologetically meant to be!

As we are getting older in an often unforgiving and increasingly harsh world around us, it is easy loose our joie-de-vivre.  More than ever it is required of us to further develop our Emotional Intelligence, positive joyful resilienceand our Spiritual Intelligence with Mindful Living to not only survive but also to Thrive and Flourish, and take back our life we deeply desire and meant to live. 

Whilst we grow in our personal evolution for a happier and healthier life, together with expanding our conscious awareness within the mind body spirit realm, it is also time to rise in our financial sovereignty as powerful and gracious Elders fully aligned with our divine purpose. 

Geli’s orientation is based on the disciplines of  â€śPositive Psychology” and “Energy Psychology” with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),  Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT Tapping, a clinically proven mind-body modality, as well as with therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Her work is weaving a tapestry of holistic vibrational energy healing arts, Western and Eastern science, metaphysics, and spirituality. 

It's a kaleidoscope of Quantum Field perspective, and Whole Person Psychology rather than traditional “Clinical Psychology” with the aim to bring unique individual healing and flourishing to those she is divinely appointed to serve.

She is also an Essential Oils Wellness educator coming from a family lineage of botanical science and pharmacy; and she is also in private practice with Individuals or Couples as a Sacred Conscious Sexuality (Tao-Tantra) coach and confidant focusing on sensual and sexual intimacy, with the goal of more pleasure, harmony and union for both. 

The information presented here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any health condition and should not be used as a substitute for consulting with a professional health care provider.

Also the information regarding Essential Oils and Essential Oils  infused products apply solely to Young Living® products and should NOT be used in conjunction with any other brands of Essential oils.