Enjoy the Benefits of Discounts as an 🌱 Advantage Customer 🌱 Free Products from Loyalty Rewards, and Small 'Thank you' Kickbacks from Young Living
when You Create Your Own Little Purchasing Community!

Let's have a look at all your options

Assuming you have come across one of my blogs where I mentioned an amazing combo of oils and oils infused wellness products .... I especially do that when I hold workshops (online and offline).

There may be workshops on, for example, how to create your own signature perfume, or workshops on how to get a better night's sleep, not just falling asleep, but also sleeping through the night (am I the only post menopausal woman who tossed around for hours in the middle of the night??), or other workshops particularly useful for us wisdom-age ladies.

When I do a workshop, I very carefully and intentionally curate the supportive material, whether it's an essential oils blend or two, specifically created to target help with some issues, or a group of supplements that you could really benefit from. I tend to bundle them to give you the exact little package you need without having to scan all the over 600 products Young Living has available. It takes the guess work out for you.

Then you can just click on such a bundle I will be teaching on, and way you go.

Or, maybe, you are just curious about a specific one essential oil or product that might help you, e.g. age related dry and over processed hair to become all nice shiny and subtle again (I find the Mirah lustrous hair oil works a treat for my grey hair ...), whatever it is, you can buy just one thing, that's perfectly ok .... or get an entire starter kit, it really does not matter what you fancy or need. Bottom line is, you can order your goods directly from Young Living itself, just like you would ordering something from Amazon.

So, now you have some options:

You can add a standard order to your shopping cart as a Retail Customer, paying the full price, just like one does on Amazon. You will get a 30-90 days refund possibility, if you are not 100% satisfied. And then you are good to go, ready to experience your workshop bundle, or whatever you decided to get for yourself or a gift for someone special.

But what about if you decide to become an 
Advantage Customer and get some optional perks?

For starters, you will get the same benefits as the retail customer. 

You can create a Standard Order, whether it is just one little bottle of lavender or lemon oil, or a bundle or an entire starter kit. The choice is totally yours. You still can benefit from the 30-90 days refund policy, should you not be happy with your purchase, thus risk free! .... BUT, as an Advantage Customer you can claim a 24% discount.

An advantage customer is a bit like a wholesale customer, but you can get some additional advantages should you so choose, something you can't do with wholesalers, such as Costco!

For example, if you have a friend who admires your healthy looking hair (that happened to me at my own daughter's wedding, one of her bridesmaids came up to me and mentioned that my daughter told her about the Mirah hair oil ...), you can just give her your account number, so that she can create her own account (yes, we help one another!), and she then can order her 'whatever-she-wants' at 24% discount, and you get a small 'Thank You' kickback from Young Living, when she buys her goodies. 

OK, 8% kickback from Young Living is not a lot every time your friend buys something, but every little helps and it soon mounts up, especially if you and your friends create a little Purchasing Group/CommunityThis possibility is only available to Advantage Customers! 

Let's say you inspire two of your friends who then themselves create their own purchasing group where they can learn, share their DIY or food recipes with essential oils, etc., amongst each other, you will find that the 8% 'Thank You' kickbacks from Young Living really start to mount up, and before you realise, some of your own products begin to be paid for. It makes a lot of sense to me!

Then it becomes fun! 
Why do I think a small personal Purchasing Group/Community is so cool? Well, for starters, as we are all learning about nature products, and products that give back to the earth and other causes, and we can link arms together to be more effective in being environmentally conscious, not only being mindful of the effect we and our actions have on the environment, but that we actively go the extra mile! Young Living is a very pro-active eco-friendly and environmentally conscious company, whether that means re-forestation on own and partner farms, using renewable energy, using sustainable resources, working towards zero-waste, etc.

Did you know that, for example, the plant based ingredients and essential oils infused shower gels, not only nurture your own skin without toxic chemicals and hormone disrupters, plus the infused essential oils reach straight into your emotional centre to calm or invigorate you, but you will actually help the environment with each shower, as well. That is no small feat, especially when more of us become more conscious that we do need to become more responsible stewards of 'mother earth'!

Also, with each product we buy from Young Living, there is a % that goes towards all the admin costs of our worldwide Foundation. Did you know, that, unlike a lot of charities, Young Living pays all of the admin costs of the Foundation, so that the actual donations go 100% entirely to the cause of need. .... Phew! getting sidetracked here, but I do feel very passionate about the various Foundation projects, especially when it comes to modern day slavery and freeing young women and children from sex trafficking .... 

OK, back to the Advantage Customer options: the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Assuming that you are using certain products, such as, e.g. for dental hygiene, or the Thieves household cleaner for your home sanctuary -  having swapped them out for the toxin laden store/supermarket products -  and you make the decision that you will be using certain Young Living products every month, then I recommend the Loyalty Rewards Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program is especially logical when you already have swapped out those other commercial products, and spend about £50+ (approximately 50PV - PV =  international unit of Product Value Points)  per month on washing up liquid, washing detergent, a variety of nutrition supplements, skin care cosmetics, etc., then, please don't use the 'Standard Order', as you would be missing out.

As you can see from the chart, by using the Loyalty Rewards Program, You can earn Loyalty Rewards Points, which then can be exchanged for free products. This is my little secret to free products, wouldn't be without it!!

OK, Let's sum it all up in the Chart below:

with all that said,

What you need to know is the following:
My member number is: 1186737
use my name: Angelika Heimann in BOTH fields, Enroller and Sponsor
That's it, the rest should be very clear.