Creating Food-Hygge and Comfort Cosy Home Eatery Environments

Creating Food-Hygge and Comfort Cosy Home Eatery Environments
Whilst my whimsical and magic home and kitchen is uniquely ‘me’, I have to admit that I was influenced not by the grand places around the world I had the privilege to visit and experience, but by quaint places organically grown, packed with memorabilia,  large and small art and artefacts, full of endearing, uplifting atmosphere that invite laughter, mystique, magical memories, and togetherness. .....

How to Ease the Peer Pressure on Yourself to Fit In!

  How to Ease the Peer Pressure on Yourself to Fit In!
The sense of belonging you get from being part of a group is important to your wellbeing. In any community, large or small, a certain level of compromise is necessary, but if that means giving up your goals, values or opinions, it’s time to find a new tribe ...

Taking Time for Self-Care and Love

Taking Time for Self-Care and Love
Consciously breathing in the morning air, just being present with utmost gratitude makes all the difference. 

Being out in nature is even more important especially now in these times of uncertainty and stress!

Winter Feel-Good Escapes - Hidden Rain Forest and Tropical Oasis in the Centre of London

Winter Feel-Good Escapes  - Hidden Rain Forest and Tropical Oasis in the Centre of London
It's cold and grey outside, just a typical wintery London day. You fancy going out?

You looked at me like, hey, let's stay in the warmth and watch some movies instead. Afterall, you just got here managing to find your way to my place via busses and the Tube ... the local nickname of the London Underground.

I put my coffee cup on the table and looked through my phone for any London attractions and things to do indoors. I love museums, but I just fancied something different .... like, "You know what? What about the Barbican?"

The Barbican Conservatory in London ... the secret botanical garden, a hidden gem and an absolutely magical happy place. This space will transport you to feeling like you're out in the great outdoors, despite the relatively chilly temperatures outside. 

Verdant foliage cascades from walls to floors, creating a calm atmosphere that'll have you forgetting that you're still in the centre of London.

It’s a glass-roofed, leafy sanctuary that features tropical plants and trees, birdlife and exotic fish.

The Barbican Conservatory is the second largest conservatory in London (the largest is Kew).

The Conservatory is open on selected days of the week, from 12pm. We have plenty of time to get there.

Is there a place we can sit down to munch, you ask?

Well, yes, there is the Terrace, it's a magical space overlooking hundreds of tropical plants.

Let's go! We map out our journey and get out at Barbican tube station. 

You have already seen the signs to the 'Barbican Centre'. 
Not far, we follow the steps with 'Art Gallery' above them.

We are both excited as we get to the Sculpture Court and see the sign for the Conservatory.

Here we are. The humid fragrant smell is something I love and miss having lived in South East Asia for many years. It's time to deeply inhale and take in the relaxing beauty.  

Such a wonderful escape, full of aroma of the tropical plants, right bang in the middle of town ... especially when it's cold outside ... time to take off the coat from the wintery temperatures, and just enjoy. 

As we make our way back to my place, you mention, "You know what? I am glad we did venture out!" 

Are you coming along to the next London excursion?

New Year 2022/23 -- Reflections, Contemplations and Dreaming Big

New Year 2022/23  --  Reflections, Contemplations and Dreaming Big
What a year this has been 😲! A year full of excitement, joy, lifelong unforgettable memories, but also a year with challenges, hopes that we’re dashed, things that can’t be changed which called for acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. 

There is always the one and the most important only one that can be changed, and that is You - and I 😍 … how we responded to situations, how we grew ‘because’ of whatever came our way, how we dealt with challenges and became stronger and maybe more compassionate persons. 

You might have had moments when it seemed easier to give up, I had them, too; when it seemed that no matter how hard one tries it still felt like climbing up a downhill escalator with little or no progress. 
But we, nonetheless, did our best! We did not surrender to our weaknesses, imagined defeats and fears, we soldiered on regardless. We kept the faith. 

We are still standing and taking step by step forward. It is progress not perfection after all!
The door to a new year and a new season is opening for all of us. What is your dream, your cherished desires to come true?

I know for myself it means a determined move toward expansion of realised possibilities. In a few weeks, February 8th, I turn 70. I decided that with my now 30+ years left on this planet I will make the best of it! 

When one and a half years ago I died and was brought back, after I experienced a NDE, I knew that there was a reason that I was granted another opportunity … another opportunity to learn to love deeper, bring more hope, bring more light into a dark world, bring more compassion and healing, bring more joyful sunshine and dreamy playfulness. 

I know that I choose to be authentic with my own gifting, even when some people don’t get what I am offering, when I fearlessly open my hands, heart and knowledge with what I know for sure works, be it the products I use and recommend, or the healing arts from my private practice. 

…. when I fearlessly ignore naysayers who scoff at home based endeavours that potentially can bring security and material safety in these times of uncertainties, heralding the possibility to go from surviving to thriving. 
I dream to bring this mission of a future of hope to all who choose to lock arms with me, and together we work towards changing and enlighten our part of the world! 

I wish to thank everyone of you who have walked with me so far, and to everyone who will join me in serving those divinely sent to us. Together we will not be defeated, together we are strong, together we will rise and take our place!

I joyfully anticipate serving you and moving together as one into a most blessed future! Together we will do it!
Wishing you a most exquisitely healthy and successful 2023, a time when living consciously out of our overflow is a legacy game changer for generations to come. 

All my love,


Mending Couple's Heartbreak

Mending Couple's Heartbreak
It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon, I had just completed an errant and was on my way home when my phone rang.

It was Sally (name changed to protect them). I knew if Sally rang it was important! So, I pulled over and switched the engine off and answered the call.

Between sobs and crying, I just made out, “Geli, we need you now! I am going to leave him, I had enough!”

Thoughts raced through my mind as I did a U-turn and headed towards Sally’s house.

Goodness knows what happened again! Sally and Peter had been clients of mine for a while. Both had severe emotional scarring from past trauma, and there were times when it was just short of another major crisis, or .... plain too much!

One thing I knew was, sincere love for each other had kept them together for over 30 years. So for Sally to howl into the phone, “I’m going to leave him!”, left me alarmed ....

I pulled my car into their drive, and rang the bell. Peter answered, his face red and furious.

Thankfully I always carry a small bag of calming and emotionally grounding essential oils. He knew the routine and stretched out his hands for me to put some drops into his palms. He knew what to do, how to activate the oils for their vibrational frequencies to turn up strong, and then buried his face in his hands to breath in the therapeutic healing aroma.

With him kinda sorted, meaning, he stopped shouting, ranting, and .... I turned to Sally who was shaking almost out of control and hyperventilating, hardly getting any breath.

With her permission, I laid my oils dripping hands on the belly and heart, and calmingly instructed her to start breathing into her belly.

I added some more oils on my hands and then used Energy Psychology, tapping on her meridian points, as she breathed in the therapeutic aroma.

She slowed down in her breathing and was able to sit still, looking at me for the first time since I arrived, quietly mouthing “Thank you”.

I got them both in a calmer state, and now it was time for the next step. Heart Breathing.

Sally was willing to get up and walk over to Peter. I gently instructed them to put their non-dominant hand on each other’s hearts and imagine that they could breath through their own heart into the heart of the other via their hands.

At the same time I requested that they would look into each other’s eyes. Gently, I instructed Peter to gaze into Sally’s eyes, beyond her beautiful brown eyes, right into her soul, and see the little girl, that was so frightened.

Slowly, a little tear emerged from the big, strong man as he beheld his sweet lady.

He could not hold back any longer, he tenderly cupped her head in his hands, kissing her forehead and gently pulled her into his arms. Now both had tears running down their faces, tears of love, as they tenderly kissed each other.


Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) means to make right. It's an ancient Hawaiian healing practice of forgiveness.

E KALA MAI IA 'U = (I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me)
MAHALO NUI LOA = (Thank You Greatly)
ALOHA NO WAU IA 'OE = (Aloha To You, "I Love You")

The heart of Hoʻoponopono is taking full responsibility for every emotion and feeling in your life. This is empowering because it means that you don’t have to change another person, it’s an inside job anyone can do. It feels empowering as you are then no longer the victim in any shape of form! It frees you to resolve your problems. You are totally responsible for your own responses to life, for what you perceive to be your reality.
It’s so easy to repeat those four phrases:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
So, whatever you might be feeling about a situation or another person, such as rage, anger, frustration, helplessness, sadness, or any other negative emotions, understand that these are your own emotions and have nothing to do with the situation upsetting you, or the other person being the perpetrator. All you do is 100% own your feelings, your own reaction, triggered often by the various filters we built up in our subconscious over the years.

So, using the Hoʻoponopono technique to clean or clear your own feelings in yourself and starting to feel better as a result, then something else happens that is exciting. Energetically, this affects the other person/s or situation and also causes a change to happen.
Hoʻoponopono is all about dissolving a problem within yourself. It’s not about changing anything on the outside.
Whenever people look on the outside, e.g. I don’t like that person or that situation, they are coming from the wrong perspective in terms of Hoʻoponopono. Instead, what you want to look at is, ‘why are you afraid, or disturbed, or whatever, about …’ why are you focusing on the situation? Hoʻoponopono will help you dissolve that concern, that worry.
As you take care of the feeling of concern inside of yourself, the problem, as you experience it, will dissolve from an energetic level.
So, the key is, focus on the ‘inner’, rather than on the ‘outer’. We want to clean our perception of reality on the inside, our perception of lack – rather than thinking, when will the change in my circumstances happen? Then we see that there is an abundance of possibilities around us.
When it comes to Hoʻoponopono, there are no ‘outer’ problems. You perceive a problem as outside of yourself relying on your senses and interpreting the events according to your subconscious filters. One of Dr. Hew Len’s favourite statements is, “Have you ever noticed, that when there is a problem, you are there?!”
Why? because you are participating in the creation of that problem. The participation is an ‘inside event’. So, when you take care of the problem on the inside, cleaning that issue as you perceive it, in your mind-body system, then, that ‘outer’ will change.
When we focus on that problem residing in our psyche, that problem we are holding in our awareness, and then do the Hoʻoponopono cleaning:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
… that problem inside of us will then dissolve. When you don’t feel it in your system any more, you won’t even see it any more. Even if you still see the physical evidence, new ideas of opportunities rise up within you to deal with it, but, again, this still comes from within you.
When it comes to issues with another person, it’s not about the other person, it’s about yourself; it’s not so much forgiving the other person, but forgiving yourself.
Let’s dissect the phrases:
When I say, “I’m sorry”, I am actually saying, “I’m sorry that I have been unconscious, please forgive me for not being aware of my own programming, my own beliefs, my own negativity, of my past memories. Forgive me, and I am sorry for not being alert in a conscious responsible way to how helped create the problem I am perceiving.”
The next phrase you’re saying is, “Thank you”. You’re thanking Divinity for cleaning this problem from within you.
Then finish off with, “I love you”. The essence of Divinity is love, thus you are merging yourself with the essence of love itself. This is also expressing your devotion of the Divine.
Thus, there is quite a bit of energy behind each of those phrases, almost like a spiritual combination lock that opens up the feelings within you, and then releases them.
So, it does not matter whatever it is, an issue of forgiveness of somebody else, or whatever you are perceiving as a problem, focus on that as you are saying those four phrases, building a connection with the Divine. That is the recipe. Quite simple and powerful.

The Heart of the Matter - When a NDE Demands Life Refocusing and Reawakening One's Raison D'être!

The Heart of the Matter - When a NDE Demands Life Refocusing and Reawakening One's Raison D'être!
For years my body felt like on a downhill slide of energy, often dozing off to sleep in the middle of a seminar sitting on my chair.

Running my own business, working with private clients, as well as championing some awesome leaders in my team, requires dedicated focus, mental presence and alertness. However, I found increasingly that I was struggling with exhaustion, burnout, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, and simply tiredness that was getting worse. All the tools I have working successfully with my clients, I somehow neglected to use for my own self-care, which is so typical!

Of course, I had a very plausible excuse! Apart from the Leaders and Wise Eagles I was called to serve, I was drawn to helping anyone suffering and struggling emotionally or wellness wise, more often than not giving them therapy and coaching sessions for free, leaving no space for myself.

With my big heart dedicated helping others neglected to nourish my own spirit. 

In a very painful way reawakened to the fact that the best - and only way - to help others is to prioritise my own spirit and soul.

There is a mountain of empirical evidence to show that self-care is a crucial component factor of health and longevity.

 However, I ignored to prioritise my true calling, I spread myself too wide at my own cost, not looking after myself, yet continued to just push through regardless!

... Until ... I had this strange sensation of not being able to breathe properly and progressively just not feeling right.

One morning I was feeling very nauseous on top of it all. Luckily I was seated as I lost consciousness for a few moments. Ambulance was called as it turned out that I had a heart attack. I was blue-lighted into emergency - and at the hospital I then had a cardiac arrest. I died, but thankfully they brought me back. I now have two stents and live with a pacemaker.

How often have you heard or read about people ignoring the signs and then in a hospital bed come to their senses to re-evaluate their life and their life mission ... their raison d'être, their 'dharma'. Well, clearly that was me!

Here I was in the hospital bed with all the tubes and cables attached to me, with heart and lung monitors bleeping, with the painful after effects of cracked ribs from the resuscitation event and numerous heart surgical interventions, being pushed about to continuous test labs with oxygen tanks in tow ....

Whilst I was grateful that I got a second chance to living, my mind drifted back to my core assignment I had agreed to when I entered this earth realm many decades ago.

As you can read in the About section of this website, my calling, the Paraklesis calling on my life is for the leaders, the champions, the "Wise Eagles". For years I have worked with them and consulted and coached them, so I understand their struggles, so often unseen by people who envy them and quite happily see them fail and fall.

So, whilst I wish I could help everybody, I had to learn the heard way that I needed to scale back, prioritise and set some strong boundaries, and significant self-care!

Apart from changing my lifestyle significantly to a more health conscious and mindful living, I have also now faithfully incorporated a key component to my daily regime. I was introduced to a powerful natural nutritional beverage that I can conveniently incorporate in my still busy life. This product has become a total game changer for me!

My daily activities are now joyfully flowing whilst my overall energy is gently uplifted and feeling great without relying on questionable synthetic booster drinks. I finally feel hopeful that I can fulfil my life mission without the past fatigue, frustrations and health challenges!

Enjoy the many tips, stories and videos on this website. Membership area is under development, as well as online e-classes that help you flourish your best life now and in the future.

Joyful blessings

Break Your Own Sound Barrier?

Break Your Own Sound Barrier?

💥💥💥 B O O M 💥💥💥

What was that?! A loud explosion!

My sleepy head raced but now alarmingly wide awake ... the LED clock said 04:18.
Pippin gruffed he was clearly woken up ...

Explosion nearby, and then police sirens straight after?? It’s London, after all .... but what happened???

Scrolling through social media and then the BBC website, I learned that apparently two Royal Air Force Typhoon Eurofighters were scrambled as part of the UK's Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) procedures, after an aircraft lost communications in UK airspace. The aircraft was intercepted and its communications were subsequently re-established. Thankfully nothing else happened.

But the sonic boom of a couple of planes going through the sound barrier was heard by many here in London.

As I was mulling through the early morning event it occurred to me that we, too, can break through our own sound barriers!

The sounds of “You’re not good enough, smart enough, simply NOT ENOUGH!” that we might have heard from people around us since childhood ... certainly I have!

So, yes, we all have come across well known people who made it against all odds. If you’re like me, you think, awesome! Inspirational! .... and then continue our life as usual.

But! I am challenging myself ... and possibly you, too ... can we break through our own sound barrier, to gain higher velocity, altitude, momentum?

Can we break through the sound barrier of noises and chatter from other people, that we bought into and embodied that kept us low and slow.

If we were to dare break through our own sound barrier, boom! we would be on a trajectory to accomplish our mission, our purpose, our raison d'être being incarnated here on this earth with a new speed.

Just food for thought ....

Joyful Blessings

* the intense award-winning photo of the Typhoon Eurofighter was taken by photographer Ian Ramsbottom. 

Who Are You Not To Shine?

Who Are You Not To Shine?

Who are You not to shine?

Too many of us, especially we women, are hiding in this age game. 

I know, I have been there. Gradually we slipped into the invisibility cloak.

 It took decades, maybe, of our lustre and radiance to be buried under the grime of daily drifting away from our glorious essence, the duties, the soul sucking activities (jobs), the pretending to be "fine" (don't we wear that mask well??!!) ...
Then one day we kinda wake up, be it a divorce, a disaster, a health crisis, or whatever. 

All of a sudden we remember what we were like, before ... Then, some of us decide to jump back on the train we used to be on. After all, heck! We're still sexy, are we not? So, it's being a teenager again, or what we were like in our 20's ... behaving and dressing the part.

Then we realise, actually that does not work either. We have grown and changed under that cloak, we hide our scars under that cloak. Following the dictates of media pretend-I-am-young game. Wearing a sexy mini skirt over that cloak becomes a pathetic joke, no matter how we convince ourselves that it is ok.

We mourn our youthfulness and try to run as fast and powerfully as we were then, trying to show the younger generation that we 'still got it!' ...

My glorious sisters of a certain age,
let us come fully out of hiding, authentically redefining ourselves,
awaken and embody the wise, beautiful, loving, sensuous mature women that we are.
Let us embrace conscious positive ageing with radiant agelessness. 

We are healers, my sisters, medicine women, skilfully weaving life experience, and spirituality, masterfully into loving, leading and guiding this world … not defined by greed, but by compassion, not torn apart by patriarchal competition, but by collaborating with one another, honouring the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

You have known it deeply inside of you for a very long time. You may have done the soul work, you may have done the inner stuff, the healing, the courses, it is time to step out and shine.

It’s time to break out of the cultural conditioning of self sacrifice and being invisible – never really having chosen yourself.

It’s time to break out of limiting scarcity mindset and into financial autonomy, and step by step become the sovereign sage elder you were created to be for such a time as this!

It is also time to step into the higher art and magic of your soul’s mojo and get your unique sage feminine joie de vivre to flourish, even as a successful older business woman entrepreneur ... if you so desire ...

"As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others." ~ Marianne Williamson

Much love to you 💜

Forgiving From The Heart

Forgiving From The Heart

Forgiveness Can be a challenge ... a very raw and personal post.

( A story that is intended to inspire a healing process in those who are struggling with it)

(Picture here of my mother and myself as a little one.)

A few days after the International Mother’s Day (the UK celebrates it in March), I wish to honour my mother. 

Those who know me very well know that I had a difficult upbringing and a very bad relationship with my mother. Suffice it to say that when I flew over to Germany from Hong Kong, where I lived at the time, for the funeral of her untimely death at 65, I stood at the large family tomb where she was laid to rest, and was exceedingly glad that she was finally gone!

However, my childhood traumas and past continued to haunt me.

Throughout my years on this earth with her around I did not feel safe, accepted, wanted, treasured, and loved for who I was and am. Rather, I felt the bitter resentment from her that I was not a boy, I never measured up to her extremely high expectations, simply, I was not good enough. She displayed many classic narcissistic traits. I was a huge disappointment, constantly compared to other kids, neglected and abandoned into my own little world, left for abuse and sexual harassment as a little girl, and the list goes on. 

It took me decades to work through to forgiveness, and now at nearly 70 I can confidently say that I have 100% totally forgiven her, from my heart, not just from my head!  Although beyond the veil, I have a cherished and loving relationship with her, now.

What happened? Well, two major aspects: I decided to really understand her life, her childhood, etc. from her perspective … imaginatively walking in her shoes. 

My mother had a complex family upbringing. Her mother, my grandmother, came from a very old German aristocratic and nobility lineage, related to Bavarian royalty. Her father was a very wealthy highly educated lawyer and judge of Jewish descend with a pharmaceutical family legacy.

Her parents' personal tragedy and complicated family history shaped her into the person she became. Plus, her family lost virtually everything due to the World Wars. They were in a position to save and get many Jewish people rescued. My grandfather died when my mother was only 19. Stories abound around much trauma and hardship she, her mother and her four siblings endured. 

She fought hard to achieve the highest possible grades to become a top qualified clinical pharmacist ... all during WWII, and at a time when women did not typically go to university.

And the other aspect, coming to the fullest realisation that without forgiveness, letting go of all the perceived wrongs, I perpetuated in my own prison. Being my own cruel prison guardian that not only affected my own life, but also the life of my family, my dearest loved ones. 

I was stuck in a self limited life. You see, it is never about the perpetrator, it is never about what happened to you, but how you interpret, personally frame what happened and how you deal with it. 

You are not responsible for someone else’s wrong, but you are responsible for your own healing and way out of your own personal prison. And you are responsible to lovingly create boundaries that honour your own sovereignty. 

When I let go of the tremendous load of baggage I had allowed to accumulate throughout my life, I realised that I had attracted people into my life by whom I experienced virtually the same or similar as from my mother. Once I let go, I opened the door to walk free. 

Yes it is true, you will continue to walk in the vicious deadly circle, attracting the same over and over, until you learn your lesson of complete forgiveness, letting go, and then honouring your own authenticity. We are here on this earth to learn the lessons of forgiveness! 

My biggest example came from someone dying on a cross saying, “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing!”

Once I walked in peace re all that had happened, I started seeing how truly amazing and pricelessly precious and special my mother was!

I deeply appreciated her own wounds, battles, traumas, loneliness and devastations. She was trying to love her daughter from a wounded self that was still bleeding.
Throughout her life her dreams were cut short. Her dreams withered on the vine. She was a victim of her time. She reached new heights and then was badly pushed back down to suffer. 

(Picture of my  mother and father shortly before her death in 1985.)

Once I was able to extend compassion and forgiveness to her, my love for her started developing. 
Also, the moment I was able to fully forgive her, my Spanish cousin (grandfather’s side ... I have more relatives in Spain than Germany now...), started sharing some significant research into our ancestry findings with numerous pictures and copious documents. I came to realise that I was and am on an ancestral soul trajectory of divinely healing others as a mission for my life. 

Why do I write all this on a public post on the Internet, you might wonder? Well, my mission is to offer hope, healing and joy. There are millions of people who have sustained great suffering and trauma at the hands of those close to them, and forgiveness can be hard to work through!

So, yes, I am a psychologist, so yes, I have university degrees under my belt, so yes, I have textbook knowledge, but I also understand that I need to be relatable to the people I am divinely chosen to help. I need to be relatable to my clients first. 

Most likely you have been through far worse life traumas than I had. Most likely you have been through situations that others would not have coped, and did not cope. So, kudos to you for still being with us, and willing to heal and move forward, willing to be a shining light of hope to those in your life.
If I can walk by your side and be an encouragement, be an inspiration, be a guide for transformation in your life for the greater good for us all, I would be deeply honoured! Yes, I availed myself to holistic psychological healing tools, plus essential oils specifically chosen to work on the cellular level of trauma and PTSD. This is something I also offer my clients!

To complete, I read the following earlier on and it spoke to me, it might speak to you, too:

“As an empathic woman with intuitive gifts, it can take a lifetime to come into your full power and claim your truth.
This is especially true for those of us with a great deal of childhood trauma to uncover and resolve-- making it feel massively unsafe to rise in your sovereignty” (Carla Savetsky)

Are you willing to claim your truth?
Much love to you 💜

Smoothie – Coconut & Pineapple

Smoothie – Coconut & Pineapple


You may be a morning smoothie person, having your nutritious boost for breakfast.... 
             I tend to have my smoothies later in the day, e.g. for lunch with a super salad. Let me know when you love your smoothies 🙂

OK, here is the recipe:
2 inch slices medium size pineapple
1/2 mug coconut milk
1/4 peeled banana
1/4 mango (de-stoned)
3 drops of ‘Citrus Fresh’
1 handful crushed ice (optional)
Juice the pineapple and pour into blender. Add the banana, mango, coconut milk and ice (optional)
Bursting with potassium, this smoothie really supports your healthy nervous system and regular heart rhythm. It’s also rich in vitamins B and C, folic acid, magnesium, ‘good fats’, as well as iron and calcium.

• Orange essential oil• Tangerine essential oil• Grapefruit essential oil
• Lemon essential oil
• Mandarin orange essential oil
• Spearmint essential oil

Is it OK to cook and ingest Essential Oils? The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’!
If you use 100% pure essential oils which are FOOD SUPPLEMENT grade, you are perfectly fine. Read the label! If it doesn't say ‘Food Supplement’ on the label, DO NOT INGEST!! I use food grade essential oils in my cooking all the time, and they are wonderful and full of vitality and health giving properties.
If you wish to get your own and purchase them at a wholesale 24% discount, please contact me

Joyful Blessings

Mindful Conscious Eating

Mindful Conscious Eating



transforming cooking from chore to joy … re-imagine wellbeing and cooking as meditation

Well, what exactly is mindful eating and creating a conscious kitchen?

Let me first show you what it isn’t … or at least in my understanding … the way I used to do it, raising hand “guilty!”

Whilst I hardly ever sat in front of the TV and mindlessly ate lunch or dinner (I am not a TV person), I slipped into the habit of eating at my computer or laptop … the dangers of working from home as an entrepreneur, not taking time to switch off properly.

More often or not, I quickly grabbed something I found in the cupboard or refrigerator. It really did not matter much what exactly that was, provided it was quick and stopped a rumbling tummy whilst my eyes were glued to the computer screen. As you can well imagine, I did not taste my food that much as I wasn’t focused on what I ate.

I still enjoyed cooking, and I still enjoyed healthy dishes, but more often than not I ‘fell off the wagon’ of healthy eating, plus indulged in bread and junk food which was quicker to prepare and cheaper.
Of course relying on inexpensive, overly processed food is tempting, giving the demanding activities building my own business, however the cost is actually far greater than it appears. This may come in different ways. For me it ‘surprised me’ as heart attacks, cardiac arrest with NDE, which then resulted in me having had two heart stents implanted plus a pacemaker and other procedures. It came as a surprise as I had neglected to look after myself, ignoring tell-tale signs.


A radical shift in my mindset, habits and lifestyle had to happen, if I was to take my second lease of life seriously!

For starters. I needed to consistently increase the Young Living products I was consuming. Gary Young was heard saying, “The Young Living oils and supplements will not work if you don’t use them!” … The key is to use them as they were meant to be used, properly at the right amounts and consistently. So, that was lesson 1. I increased “NingXia Red” straightway and drunk it ever since daily consistently at least two shots a day. What a game changer!! It’s more like a liquid supplement.

Clinical studies show that NingXia Red significantly increases physical energy levels by 35%; reduces daily stress by 23%; and improves overall mental wellbeing. It supports the maintaining of healthy blood sugar levels as well as healthy cholesterol. The NingXia wolfberry oxygenates blood cells. The minerals in NingXia Red are super important for heart health and the cardiovascular system, and also supports healthy blood pressure levels. It also boosts the immune system plus strengthens bones and muscles, as it contains essential amino acids and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and copper. It also supports normal digestive health. Fell free to contact me if you wish to order your own at 24% wholesale discount.
Here are some tips on increasing your greens:

As I was now increasing my greens consumption, I came up with a smart idea: 
All ‘waste’, stems from broccoli, veg peels, etc., I am now collecting chopped in a bag in a freezer. When the bag is full, I add it to the stock pot and cook it all. Picture here was from broccoli stems, celery, onion, and other greens. I used a sauce pan but now only cook them in the slow cooker.

Once the greens ‘waste’ is cooked, it goes into the blender to create a fine creamy consistency. Finally, I pour this mix into large silicon ice cube containers, and freeze them.

These frozen cubes come in super handy for soups, casserole dishes, and any other recipes that require liquid with a bit of texture. The benefit of this is, increased roughage and plant minerals, and the creamy texture thickens the cooking liquid without adding grain flour to it.
Cook once, eat twice by doubling the recipe and freeze leftovers and odds ‘n ends to ensure they can be reused at a later date later. This practice helped me being creative to develop new and interesting recipe combinations. Label everything accurately with date and revisit weekly to find ways of using things up.
Chop veggies ahead of time and store them in airtight containers, ready to be used in salads, stir-fries, and other recipes.
Plan your meals, shop, and prepare food in advance. Take some time, one day per week to sit down and plan your meals for the upcoming week, and make a shopping list.
Your well-being journey begins with a conscious connection to your nutrition.
Mindful eating and creating a conscious kitchen.
So, to me, mindful eating means getting away from distractions, whether that is the TV or the computer or playing a game on the smart phone. Getting away from consuming mindlessly whatever you grab. Instead, honour yourself and make anything you eat special.

Here’s one of my dishes: Grassfed Steak with olives, salad, feta cheese and Dijon mustard
I tend to eat Keto friendly or Paleo friendly food.
The key is to prepare your food in a conscious way, which starts with the planning, shopping, and then cooking. Prepare your food with gratitude, thanking the animal or plant that gave their lives for your sustenance. Thanking the people involved who brought it to you. No, clearly you don’t have to find them and thank them, it is a mindful act of heart, a mindful awareness.

This then leads to your cooking and mindful plating. It’s a form of meditation. It’s done with intention and gratitude.

Eat and chew mindfully and slowly. Really savour your food and thank it that it will nourish every cell in your body. Why is this mindful practice so important? It’s all vibrational energy, as well as functional nutrition quality.

I will expand on this theme more, but till then,

💚 Joyful Blessings

Conscious Living?

 Conscious Living?

I would be a hypocrite if I told you that it is easy to live a simple mindful life 🙋🏼

…. and no, by simple life I don’t mean a minimalist, convent style without material pleasures. 

By simple life I mean being mindful, maintaining moment-to-moment awareness of your body, emotions and surroundings. 

It’s a type of dynamic meditation where you consciously approach your decisions and your actions without intensive interpretation and without judgment …. basically just simply being fully present in the moment without having hundreds of thoughts running through your mind at the same time. 

I would be a hypocrite if I told you that I live a conscious mindful zen life all the time, even with the best intentions. I, too, find myself distracted by the stresses of everyday life, get tangled up in commitments, allow overwhelm to get to me, and end up straying away from my true authentic self. 

Like many others, I needed a wake-up call. In my case it was a NDE that allowed me to experience an expanding but unifying oneness within Divine eternity. I experienced the intensity of focus overflowing with welcoming love and joy. 

Being returned to this current life and earth experience, I again faced the multiple sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, and feeling the need to distract myself from unpleasantness, resisting pain and emotional trauma … a typical human response!

Within the last year I had to learn lessons that none of my psychology textbooks or my academic degrees taught me. It allowed me to not only deeply be in touch with my own spirit and soul, but also that of my clients’. 

After I was brought back from my NDE, I asked myself this serious question: what is the purpose of having been given a second chance? I knew deep down that I needed to live the kind of conscious mindful sacred life myself, in order to inspire and impact the lives of others. 

It took me about a year to learn getting on this path myself, so I could share with you out of my own life, how I at times ‘fell off the wagon’ again, learnt to pick myself up, learnt the importance of community, learnt how to use vibrational energy psychology tools *without* distracting from feeling all one’s feelings deeply, feeling one’s way through them to the vast soul space in which all feelings are embraced, and facing them with gratitude. 
I learnt how to create simple meditative rituals, whilst preparing conscious cooking and mindful eating and other activities. 

Creating a conscious sacred living environment to reduce the times of ‘falling off the wagon’ and support this enhanced lifestyle. 

Being aware of what we feed ourselves with, physical food, emotional food and mind food to enjoy wholesome mental health, joyful longevity, positive, ageless vibrancy. 

I am also in the process of creating a conscious mindful sacred living community … why? Because I have experienced that life as we know it can be over in a heartbeat (or lack of it). 

Whilst, I have no fear of death, and my NDE was spectacularly beautiful, there are many of us who have not completed their mission in this lifetime. This life is not just for us to live in the fullest, but also to impact others with healing, hope and joy. 

As I wish to convey with my picture: let’s turn and rise up to live in the light ❤️

Bright Blessings,