~ Dive into the World of Essential Oils ~
The Aroma Wellness Magical Everyday Events

What awaits you at an Aroma Event?

An introduction to the world of essential oils, and how you can use them in your daily life to support your mind-body-spirit wellness, especially creating your own mini home "medicine cabinet". 

This fun Get-Together is held at different locations, live and is FREE of charge.



Movement is an important part of self-sufficiency! Many of us Sisters in our wisdom years are fiercely independent. Whilst it is important to cultivate an interdependent caring community, self-sufficiency, mobility and a healthy independence is important, too, not just for our body but also for mental wellness and cognitive fitness. 

In this Get-Together events (mainly online) we discuss how we can use very specific essential oils to support us in our 'movements-of-choice', whether that is chair yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, dancing, or whatever gives you joy.



We are on our unique journeys stepping into our own power and becoming who we truly are! Many of us are in a deep process to a state of greater inner strength and wisdom, triggering profound transformation and self realisation.
Menopause is not a disease, it is an initiation. Now is the time to take back and be relentlessly authentic!

In these Get-Together workshops (mainly online), we explore our inner alchemy within which we women can safely and coherently work with our transmuting power to become more fully who we really are and take our place as healers and leaders in a world that is crying out to the Crone's wisdom.

Essential oils are suggested as guides along the way, as there is nothing more powerful, yet safe and easy to explore our psyches than aromas.



Growing older is something to be celebrated! "Anti-Ageing" is embarrassingly out of date. No makeup is going to turn back the clock.
"I am an advocate now for natural beauty, because I do feel there has been a genocide on natural beauty," ~ Jamie Lee Curtis

Here in this community, we are "pro-ageing" and champion "authentic ageing", refreshing our natural authentic inner beauty radiance, shining through our healthy happy skin, and maintaining a glow, without toxic chemicals and other compromise.

Whilst we have an entire range of essential oils infused skin care products to protect and nourish our precious skin to stay healthy, it is also a lot of fun to explore creating some herbal mixtures for home spa pampering.

This Get-Together is offered both live on location as well as online.


Hello Lovelies, Geli here ♥ 

    right now we have beautiful mild sunny weather here in London, and if it's meeting you in a fragrant rose garden, well, all the better!

But, then, it really does not matter where and when (and what funny British climate it may be), getting together with you is always a huge delight!

You may be new to this little friends community, in which case, welcome! 

   We usually have all sorts of natural wellness topics in our various events, which are particularly relevant for our wisdom-years wellness. 

One of the most requested topics is how to put together a small medicine cabinet with essential oils, herbs, and other natural lotions and potions, to ease some of the irksome discomforts we encounter in our menopausal and post-menopausal challenges. That particular get-together, our 'basics' is a FREE event, and most of the time it's Live on some occasion, NOT online.

There are many other events and get-togethers which have a small fee, just to cover costs.

There is nothing really quite like being part of an expanding community that 'gets you' and has your back when feeling you could do with some support.

The number of useful tips for magical daily living is definitely amazing. We are also planning a membership group where everyone can add their spectacular ointment recipe, foraging herbs and hedgerow florals and fruit for exquisite oily blends, soothing or invigorating tonics, or salves ...

Apart from the ever popular essential oils home "medicine cabinet" (which is a complimentary FREE event), we have topics such as how to actually sleep through the night, or what's best to use to enhance your vibrational energy during meditation time (yes, a bit of woo is also always fun ... and what about adding some crystals to your essential oils blend to heighten your consciousness ...)

Maybe you want to learn to create your own signature perfume, which is toxic fragrance free and elevates your mood?

One thing we are not, and that is anti-ageing! We are pro-ageing celebrating our wisdom years and make the absolute best it!

Where do we meet? well, almost anywhere you like. Your home, my home, a quiet garden pub, I'm open to suggestions. Oh and bring a friend ...