Taking Time for Self-Care and Love

Taking Time for Self-Care and Love

‘Just taking the dog for a walk … a necessary chore’ …. Really??? ….

For me it is a joy to watch my little four legged treasure jump over grass tuffs, racing over to a tree, per chance to get a squirrel to come out of hiding, finding puddles filled with rain water to lap from, his big brown eyes checking up on me to make sure I am keeping up pace with him. 

There is such a precious bonding happening on our walks. 

Well, not everyone has the privilege to be taken for a walk by a high energy, spirited animal exuberant with the joy of running across muddy paths, picking up bits of freshly cut grass on his white paws and legs, getting himself tangled in large branches scattered from the last heavy wind, a happy fur kid with no worries just full of excitement for whatever fullness of life offers. 

I decided to add a picture from our walk this morning showing a wintery view across the river Brent. There is so much goodness to relish in nature. Every plant, tree, blade of grass, decomposing leaf providing nourishment to the soil, has a story. 

Consciously breathing in the morning air, just being present with utmost gratitude makes all the difference. 

Being out in nature is even more important especially now in these times of uncertainty and stress!

Grounding appears to improve sleep, normalises the day-night cortisol rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic toward parasympathetic activation, increase positive heart rate variability, speed wound healing, and reduce blood viscosity.

Research shows that grounding reduces inflammation, improves blood pressures,
and boosts the immune system.

Electrons from the Earth can prevent or resolve so-called “silent” or “smouldering” inflammation. 

Chronic inflammation plays an important role in the onset and progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

There are various ways of grounding and “earthing”. Probably the best is walking barefoot over grass, earthy paths, and such like. 

Maybe not so comfortable during cold winter months, but by simply being out in nature, touching trees, branches and plants with your hands, and simply being present with help. 

This type of self-care is important at any time in your life, but as we grow older and wish to avoid age related issues, this type of self-care, self-love becomes mandatory. 


The Heart of the Matter - When a NDE Demands Life Refocusing and Reawakening One's Raison D'être!

The Heart of the Matter - When a NDE Demands Life Refocusing and Reawakening One's Raison D'être!
For years my body felt like on a downhill slide of energy, often dozing off to sleep in the middle of a seminar sitting on my chair.

Running my own business, working with private clients, as well as championing some awesome leaders in my team, requires dedicated focus, mental presence and alertness. However, I found increasingly that I was struggling with exhaustion, burnout, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, and simply tiredness that was getting worse. All the tools I have working successfully with my clients, I somehow neglected to use for my own self-care, which is so typical!

Of course, I had a very plausible excuse! Apart from the Leaders and Wise Eagles I was called to serve, I was drawn to helping anyone suffering and struggling emotionally or wellness wise, more often than not giving them therapy and coaching sessions for free, leaving no space for myself.

With my big heart dedicated helping others neglected to nourish my own spirit. 

In a very painful way reawakened to the fact that the best - and only way - to help others is to prioritise my own spirit and soul.

There is a mountain of empirical evidence to show that self-care is a crucial component factor of health and longevity.

 However, I ignored to prioritise my true calling, I spread myself too wide at my own cost, not looking after myself, yet continued to just push through regardless!

... Until ... I had this strange sensation of not being able to breathe properly and progressively just not feeling right.

One morning I was feeling very nauseous on top of it all. Luckily I was seated as I lost consciousness for a few moments. Ambulance was called as it turned out that I had a heart attack. I was blue-lighted into emergency - and at the hospital I then had a cardiac arrest. I died, but thankfully they brought me back. I now have two stents and live with a pacemaker.

How often have you heard or read about people ignoring the signs and then in a hospital bed come to their senses to re-evaluate their life and their life mission ... their raison d'être, their 'dharma'. Well, clearly that was me!

Here I was in the hospital bed with all the tubes and cables attached to me, with heart and lung monitors bleeping, with the painful after effects of cracked ribs from the resuscitation event and numerous heart surgical interventions, being pushed about to continuous test labs with oxygen tanks in tow ....

Whilst I was grateful that I got a second chance to living, my mind drifted back to my core assignment I had agreed to when I entered this earth realm many decades ago.

As you can read in the About section of this website, my calling, the Paraklesis calling on my life is for the leaders, the champions, the "Wise Eagles". For years I have worked with them and consulted and coached them, so I understand their struggles, so often unseen by people who envy them and quite happily see them fail and fall.

So, whilst I wish I could help everybody, I had to learn the heard way that I needed to scale back, prioritise and set some strong boundaries, and significant self-care!

Apart from changing my lifestyle significantly to a more health conscious and mindful living, I have also now faithfully incorporated a key component to my daily regime. I was introduced to a powerful natural nutritional beverage that I can conveniently incorporate in my still busy life. This product has become a total game changer for me!

My daily activities are now joyfully flowing whilst my overall energy is gently uplifted and feeling great without relying on questionable synthetic booster drinks. I finally feel hopeful that I can fulfil my life mission without the past fatigue, frustrations and health challenges!

Enjoy the many tips, stories and videos on this website. Membership area is under development, as well as online e-classes that help you flourish your best life now and in the future.

Joyful blessings