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What are essential oils? 

To put it simply, essential oils are the highly concentrated, pure essence of a plant. 

They capture the purest power of nature, which in turn offers us countless applications and benefits and can therefore help support our holistic well-being. 

In addition to its unique superpower, each plant has its own natural mechanisms to protect against external influences, which are also captured in the essential oil. This is also what makes essential oils so powerful. 

They are obtained from flowers, trees, bushes, seeds, fruits, peels and much more.

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Why purity is so important 

Not all natural essential oils are actually pure.

A high-quality and therefore pure essential oil is an oil that is obtained from a natural plant without any synthetic additives. 

In many cases, essential oils are diluted with synthetic fillers to increase yield. Such impurities in the oil can lead to the actually desired effect of the plant being significantly reduced or even lost. This often means that we unintentionally do more bad things to our bodies than good things. 

That's why we chose Young Living essential oils. Young Living guarantees 100% purity through the Seed to Seal® process.

Our quality commitment for a happy, healthy home

Young Living’s Seed to Seal® commitment and its three pillars—Sourcing, Science and Standards—ensure you get authentic, science-backed products that are kind to both you and Mother Earth. Join us in being part of a healthier world, one plant-powered step at a time.  

Young Living's “Seed to Seal”® quality promise is built on 3 fundamental pillars

When you see Seed to Seal® logo on the label, you know it's guaranteed.
The goal is to produce the purest natural products that you and your loved ones can trust.
sourcing seal

Selective Sourcing

Young Living sources products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms that share our values and Seed to Seal-verified suppliers who can meet our extremely high standards for quality. 

Using our own farms (which you can visit at any time) and working with certified producers ensures that 100% purity is maintained throughout the entire production process, from sowing to sealing the bottles.

science seal

Innovative Science

As mavericks of the modern-day essential oils movement, we’ve revolutionised the world of essential oils, investing countless hours and resources in product development, research and testing.

Scientific work is a basic requirement to produce a product that meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to these quality standards, we are able to identify and extract the purest and most effective ingredients

Standards seal

Pioneering Standards

From the start, we’ve been developing, enhancing and living by the strictest standards, so you know you’re getting the finest essential oil products in the world.

In addition to quality, ethical harmlessness in the extraction of the oils is also a top priority. Through our global compliance program, we want to ensure we offer pure products that you can be confident contribute to the greater good.

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Hi! I'm Geli, unapologetically a nature girl! 

Born and raised by 'non-existent' natural scientist parents (they were married to science and somehow happened to have a little girl ...), I explored my world on my own, vineyards, fields, the River Rhine, close-by farms, with just animals as my friends.

Schools and Universities made sure that I finally socialised LOL. Having said that, I never lost my love for anything nature, herbs and healing, and my passion to help other humans on their wellness path in the most natural way.

My first brush with Network Marketing was when I lived in Hong Kong in the late 70's-80's. I was fascinated about the concept, but there was no real need to learn about the business, as I was a relatively cushy expat from the UK.

After several attempts with various MLMs since then, I gave up, and vowed never to get involved with another business again, ever! .... well, until I came across Young Living. I had already dipped my nose into the aromatics that come in little bottles, even at university I combined some of my psychology degree studies with the healing properties of essential oils. Thus, when I finally came across Young Living in 2010, I was blown away by the purity and effectiveness of those little drops. It was clear to me to recommend and use the Young Living oils in my private psychology practice with my clients.

still was not yet convinced about the MLM side of the company, and decided to do some thorough due diligence search on the company, ignoring sensationalist anti-MLMers, and all the other hype nonsense proliferating the Internet. I finally came to the conclusion that I most certainly could trust that company, after all, I had already chosen their products as the only ones good enough for my clients!

There was one little problem, though. My lovely Network Marketing team leader lives in the US, mainly  familiar with the US market, and I live in the UK, London, with many products not available here due to ridiculous European stringent legal requirements for the complimentary wellness industry. Plus, for some reason, I found it hard to grow the business here in the UK .... until I found my Austrian cross-line mentors, Vijay and Ulrike (Ulli) Churfürst Hanzal, who were the first to reach the ultimate Young Living top rank of Royal Crown Diamonds in Europe.

They had struggled through the various minefields, equally with no experience in this particular industry, but they trailblazed their heart-centered business step by step. Over the years they have acquired incredible knowledge that they now pass on to others, and mentoring people like me. 
Whilst I stayed faithful to my American team leaders, I can now very closely lean on my European mentors, using their strategic and heartfelt approach to help other partners in my team. 

From now on, I am your contact for everything relating to essential oils and Young Living and will accompany you on your oily path.

What you need to know is the following:
My member number is: 1186737
use my name: Angelika Heimann in BOTH fields, Enroller and Sponsor
That's it, the rest should be very clear.

The best collection for getting started in the world of essential oils

our premium starter set with diffuser

Your Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • Haven Ceramic Diffuser

  • Young Living Stress Away® 5 ml - for those stressful days
  • Lavender 5 ml - calming, for restful sleep
  • Peppermint 5 ml - refreshing, supports focused concentration
  • Lemon 5 ml - refreshing and cleansing

  • Frankincense 5 ml - skin care, inner balance
  • Di-Gize® 5 ml - for healthy digestion, everything for a happy tummy
  • Thieves® 5 ml - a powerful all-round protective wellbeing blend
  • Young Living Purification® (5 ml) - the cleaning hero, including for unpleasant odors
  • Young Living R.C.® 5 ml - for healthy breathing in all seasons
  • Copaiba 5 ml - nourishing and calming
  • Blue Relief 5 ml - Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments
  • 1 Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex (58 ml)
  • 10 Sample Oil Bottles (2 ml)
  • 10 Oil Sample Cards
  • 1 NingXia Red® single (60 ml)
  • Product Guide
  • Foundation Brochure

A Premium Starter Kit
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Carefully crafted from natural fine porcelain ceramic, this chic, petite diffuser has a modern design. With its sophisticated and sleek shape, this exclusive essential oil diffuser creates an ambiance that uplifts and soothes the heart and soul, transforming your space into an aromatic sanctuary.

Offering up to four hours of diffusion with a choice of three automatic timers, its translucent glow can set the mood to create your serene safe haven.


Desert Mist

This diffuser is an atomizer and aroma diffuser and offers multiple settings - high, low and interval mode. 11 individual light settings, including a candle-like flicker mode



This attractive diffuser combines the latest diffuser technology with a variety of useful features. Choose from a selection of soothing, integrated sounds or connect your personal music device. including remote control.

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