Get to Know the Incredible Benefits of Essential Oils

What awaits you at an Aroma Basics GetTogether ?

The Aroma Basics Get-Together LIVE -
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If you already have some essential oils at home but don't know exactly what to do with them, then this get-together is perfect for you. In a very short time, you will gain a deep insight into the use of the most important essential oils for your everyday life, so that you can add these valuable natural helpers to your home "medicine cabinet", or what I call your "Aroma Farmacy". 

If you have never had anything to do with essential oils but have been interested in them for a long time, then this get-together is a wonderful introduction to learning about the incredible possible uses.

And if you are already enthusiastic about using the oils and don't know exactly how to recommend them yourself, then this event is also perfect for you, why not take your friends with you?

We are very pleased to welcome you to LIVE with our free aroma get-together. (Venue to be anounced). 

ATTENTION: This is NOT an online event, but LIVE takes place on site! 
Limited number of participants! Entry is ONLY possible with valid ticket!


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