Because ...
 there's no slowing down to live your best life, yet!

Dear Radiant Ageless Wise-Woman,
you are classy, have brains, wisdom, beauty, and life lessons to spare.

It's clear to you that age is nothing more than a trivial matter!

You have earned the right to let your authentic self be as audacious, gutsy, and irreverent 
as you want.

Your desire is to expand your capacity
to impact your world in a greater measure with Your Gifts
and create a legacy;

to work less, earn more
AND enjoy it!

Also ...
Your are just not ready to retire, yet ...

Maybe you're dreaming of travelling around the globe, 
Maybe you're entering into new romantic and/or platonic relationship, or a meaningful community, or delight yourself more with family activities,
Maybe you're becoming involved in causes you believe in, 
and exploring things you’ve always wanted to do.

You just want and expect more from your last of your life!

Whatever it is, you also want excellent mental wellbeing, health, financial freedom and sovereignty to support you in achieving your dreams and preferred lifestyle!

Welcome to the Flourishing Arts For Ageless Wise-Women!

Welcome to Joy-Pleasure Mindfulness
Conscious Sacred Living
Radiant Inner and Outer Advanced Style & Beauty
Living Life on Your Own Terms
Conscious Positive Aging
... even with Health Challenges!

Honestly ... 
              do you secretly dread getting older?

Do you at times secretly worry about heart-health related issues, cognitive decline, such as dementia and Alzheimer's and being a burden to your family or wind up in care, because it seems that 
loosing your physical vitality 
and your mental faculties
is inevitable?
Do you secretly fear ageing as it appears an advent of loss - friends, energy, autonomy, a sense of purpose ... loneliness?

Are you concerned about living past your financial resources?

In times of uncertainty, we'll help you thrive in conscious mindful living and
sovereignty with playfulness and joy!


Geli Heimann, BSc. (Hons), MSc. Psychology, is a Holistic Mental Wellbeing Coach, Mentor, and Energy Practitioner to Third-Age Women, who are also heart-centred and spirit-led entrepreneurs - around the world.

 Geli is passionate in empowering her savvy sage wise-women Sisters so that they can be the Divine Feminine Leaders they were unapologetically meant to be!

As we women are getting older in an often unforgiving and increasingly harsh world around us, it is easy loose our joie-de-vivre.  More than ever it is required of us to further develop our Emotional Intelligence and our Spiritual Intelligence with Mindful Living to not only survive but also to Thrive and Flourish, and take back our life we deeply desire and meant to live. 

Whilst we grow in our personal evolution for a happier and healthier life, together with expanding our conscious awareness within the mind body spirit realm, it is also time to rise in our financial sovereignty as powerful and gracious women.

Geli’s orientation is based on the disciplines of “Positive Psychology” and “Energy Psychology”, rather than “Clinical Psychology”. She is also an Essential Oils educator coming from a family lineage of botanical science and pharmacy.

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