Is Your Goal to Achieve greater Economic Security, or Are You Looking for Increasing Your Purchasing or Investment Power?

With the possibilities afforded by the internet starting a new business, especially from the comfort of your own home, has opened new opportunities to generate money.


☀️ Achieving Financial Independence
       The current climate has shown that no job is safe, nor retirement funds or retirement savings are secure, due to factors completely out of our control. 

☀️ Greater Stability and Safety
       Having multiple sources of income can decrease the risk of loosing it all. So, having more than one source of income can help us ensure that we're covered financially.

☀️ Scaling Faster
       Wealth begets wealth. The compounding effect. Higher amounts of income will attract more money and income will attract more money and ROI. Having multiple sources of income will allow you to invest a greater proportion in both your primary income stream and other new sources of income. It's a virtuous cycle.

☀️ Diversification
       Probably one of the most important financial terms to learn and live by is diversification. The simple way of looking at it is not putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying is a big strategy to successful investing, you want to spread your money to different assets for protection during downturns.  

☀️ Working From the Comfort of Your Own Home, or Anywhere Else in the World
       As your own boss, you are the one to decide where and when to work on your business. Being an entrepreneur you have increased flexibility. You can monitor and strengthen your sources of income, and continue to increase your reach, such as building new teams, not limited to your geographical area.

☀️ Living Your Dream Life
       The more time and effort you put into building your sources of income, the greater the chances are you will achieve the financial freedom to live the life you want.

International Lifestyle Business Community for Age-Positive Retirement Entrepreneurs

Helping Savvy Senior WisdomPreneurs Create a Profitable Online Multiple Streams of Income Business  

Do you desire to transition from working for money – trading time for money to creating residual income and legacy? 

Do you desire to get back into the business world, but you don't want a boss ... rather work on your own terms, set your own hours and, in general, avoid the stress that you retired from?

Actually, this can do more for you than make you happy, it might just keep you healthy.

Doctors say that people can age ten years in their first two years of retirement if they don't have a purpose in their life.

Starting a business means learning massively, learning new skills and game plans, and challenging yourself daily. In other words, you have purpose in abundance, and huge feeling of satisfaction when you start seeing your idea and endeavours take off!

At this stage of your life, is there anything better to do if you want to stay young and engaged?

Especially if you are willing to step up to a collaborative authentic transformational leader, creating economies based on team spirit, community, connection and deep life values?

Becoming a retirement lifestyle entrepreneur offers you a way to share your passion with the world while earning some additional income and enjoying the good life on your terms.

This not only helps you to keep you mentally and physically engaged as you handle regular tasks to make it a success, but it also helps you form a routine and community.

Staying mentally, physically and socially healthy whilst having a sense of purpose, and not being burdened with financial issues, help everyone age better!

Recent studies have shown that more and more new business owners are coming from an older age demographic. So, proving it’s never too late to follow a dream.

Let's have a look at some entrepreneurial prerequisites for staying in the game.

Your Worst Enemy Isn't Logistics, Operations, Accounting, or Tech-Savviness,
It's Your Own Psyche! 

You Are Unique. You Are Powerful.

Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance.

Most of us have been raised to ignore our inherent strengths and focus on improving and working on our weaknesses. It is way smarter to build on our strengths and optimise our weaknesses by aligning with others whose strengths are our weaknesses. Collaborating this way, makes all the difference in your business!

You Have A Unique Purpose in Life.
You Have A Divine Audience You Are Called To Serve!

Once you are confident and certain who you are called to serve, you are like a Light House, firmly built on a rock and sending out a clear light to guide those who your are called to. This will help you to stop jumping on any shiny, glittery new project or program that promises you unrealistic fast money. "If it is easy, it's usually sleazy", a mentor of mine used to say. Sure, hard work does not sound sexy, but will be rewarding in the end ... and you've got help here!

Mindset Mastery
It's All About Positive Practices, Neuroscience, Personal Development and
Designing a Life We Don't Need to Escape From.  

Emotional intelligence (EI) forms the juncture at which cognition and emotion meet, it facilitates our capacity for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and our ability to read and navigate a plethora of social situations and conflicts. EI matters and if cultivated affords one the opportunity to realize a more fulfilled and happy life. One of the key ways to develop EI is to use Aroma Psychology, with Aroma EFT Tapping, which helps to break through blockages often held from childhood. 



There are a variety of secondary or more sources of income. Here are the reasons why I chose Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing as additional income streams:

☀️ Low Start-Up Cost
       Unlike a corner shop, a 'bricks and mortar' business, or a franchise,  the start up investment for Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing is remarkably affordable in comparison. They are still proper businesses that require hard work, investing in time and money (the biggest expense is personal development! Network Marketing, if done right, does has its own rules and ways of doing business ... and no, it's not chasing people with predatory behaviour!)

☀️ Work From Anywhere ... Even From Your Smart Phone
       Literally! With WIFI, a laptop and phone you are good to go from absolutely anywhere. I have had business partners join me when I was on the phone in the car (parked in a grocery car park).

☀️ Create Your Own Schedule
       I value my mornings and the play time with my dogs. With a lovely park and a small river flowing through it, it is priceless to stroll through nature. I also use the time as a walking meditation. Sure there are times scheduled for clients, but again, it's up to me when we work together. I love writing (you probably noticed), and at some point I am considering writing a novel.
I also thoroughly enjoy spending time with my team members I have partnered with. 
If I fancy doing some small excursions in this amazing town I live in, London, well, there is no one that tells me that I can't.

☀️ No Employees to Consider
       There are zero payroll, tax and workers compensation worries like you would usually have in a traditional business, or even in a franchise, that are all cost associated with employees. 

☀️ No Billing/Account Receivable
       Running a network marketing business has never been easier, billing customers, or collecting money is a hassle of the past as everything is handled online these days.  

☀️ Tax Benefits From A Homebased Business
       When you’re an employee your tax benefits are very slim compared to when you have your own business.
I would definitely suggest consulting your tax person as they will be able to give you all the substantive details on this. 

☀️ No Commuting
       You can save so much time and money from not having to commute back and forth to your business or day job. Time is a precious commodity and many people feel like they just don’t have enough of it. 
This time can be better spent with your family or where it matters most for you.

☀️ Royalty and Legacy Income
       This is one of the greatest income types you can have and with a network marketing business you can get it. 
Residual income comes in even when you are not working, plus it can continue to grow month to month.

Legacy or Willable Income means that you can add your income in a will to your children or grandchildren, so they get the benefit when you are no longer around. 

☀️ Encouragement and Support from Others in the Same Profession
       This business is really about working together.
You will find that people are all about helping each other to succeed —because, in order for me to benefit, you also have to benefit. 

You may have heard the famous quotes by Zig Ziglar and Warren Buffet:

"You don't build a business, you serve people,
and then people build the business ...
You only win when you help others win ...
You can have everything in life you want, 
if you will just help other people get what they want." 
~Zig Ziglar

"If you are a person with huge dreams 
and would really love to support others in achieving their huge dreams,
then the network marketing business is certainly a business for you."
~Warren Buffet

 You will find that you develop a special kind of bond with people through network marketing and they’ll become part of a meaningful community and friends. But, first of all, it is smart to really understand the strategic benefits of network marketing from an economical expert view, people who do have knowledge of the industry, rather than watching the hype by anti-MLM folk on YouTube! Enjoy the informative video below.

Learning Digital Success Strategies, Personal Branding esp. Social Media Marketing
to Create a Profitable Online Business

Online Marketing is “a strategy that entails using digital channels to reach your audience. In comparison to traditional marketing, this method is more cost-effective and has better chances of increasing brand awareness through personalized messages.” ~MooSend

There is a way to optimise your digital efforts on 
social media platforms such as:
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok…

Today, the internet is used for pretty much everything—communication, learning, entertainment, shopping, and more.

Plus, there are currently 4.33 billion internet users worldwide—and this number is increasing every second.
For marketers, this presents an unbelievable opportunity. Never before could a single person reach so many other people, in so many ways, instantaneously, with such ease.

Social Media Marketing is the process of acquiring attention and sales through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Social media marketing can be split into two camps: organic (free) or paid. 

Many people are excited to load their new passion for their online business onto e.g. Facebook, only to find out that they are at loggerheads with the algorithm. Either their posts are not read by the thousands, because the algorithm silently blocked them, or they wind up in 'Facebook Jail' and have no idea why.

However, there is a way to outsmart the algorithm and Facebook to actually promote your posts without you having to pay for any ads! I used to teach some of these strategies in online and offline workshops. I still do, at times, however, it is way smarter for you to leran from the very people I learnt from. That would be fair, right? They are called: DigitalMentors which they are.

DigitalMentors is a huge online knowledge wealth organisation, virtually like a university (no need to sit exams) where they teach you step by step how to optimise your online presence. Whether it is how to use Funnels (they have their own software that is on par with some of the more expensive well known funnel software packages), How to integrate email marketing, how to master social media, and even how to create your own e-course / online programs of your own knowledge and expertise that you can then sell online. They have advanced AI resources to help you with writing marketing copy and soooo much more. It's worth checking them out.
They have a free value packed workshop every Wednesday. Click on the DigitalMentor links to register for your free workshop.

If you are interested to know which Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing companies I recommend,
please contact me via email.