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Aroma Wellness in Your Wisdom Years - Meet Geli 
When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy,
care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

.... and then 

BSc. (Hons.) MSc. Psych,

NLP Practitioner &EFT Tapping
Naturopathy Practitioner
Somatic Aroma Energy Psychology
Holistic Healing Arts & Mental Wellness
Essential Oils Educator
Certified Raindrop Technique & Vitaflex - Energetics Practitioner
Network Marketing Entrepreneur & Brand Partner
with Young Living Essential Oils

If you wish to work with me on a personal client basis to assist you through various challenges, then I recommend that you touch base with me on the "Essential Flourishing" part of this website.

And there is more:   Holistic Mental Wellbeing, Functional Wellness. Business Wellbeing Development,  Sacred Conscious Sexuality Educator & Facilitator, Energy Psychology Practitioner (EFT Tapping), Naturopathy, and Confidant to Senior Wisdom Baton Bearers, as well as the Third-Age Spiritual Wellness Professionals, who are also heart-centred and spirit-led retirement entrepreneurs - around the world. She is also a Christ Consciousness Ordained Minister, in spiritual service for over 44 years.
Geli is particularly interested in helping her older Sisters and Brothers in all matters Mental and  Brain Health! Cognitive health is increasingly recognised as a key component of overall health and wellness.

 She is passionate in empowering savvy sage WisdomPreneurs so that they can be the Divine Leaders they were unapologetically meant to be!

As we are getting older in an often unforgiving and increasingly harsh world around us, it is easy loose our joie-de-vivre.  More than ever it is required of us to further develop our Emotional Intelligence, positive joyful resilience, and our Spiritual Intelligence with Mindful Living to not only survive but also to Thrive and Flourish, and take back our life we deeply desire and meant to live. 

Here is a fun throwback picture to the year 2000 when Angelika (Geli) trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, here in London.

Whilst we grow in our personal evolution for a happier and healthier life, together with expanding our conscious awareness within the mind body spirit realm, it is also time to rise in our financial sovereignty as powerful and gracious Elders fully aligned with our divine purpose. 

Geli’s orientation is based on the disciplines of “Positive Psychology” and “Energy Psychology” with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT Tapping, a clinically proven mind-body modality, Naturopathy, as well as with therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Her work is weaving a tapestry of holistic vibrational energy healing arts, Western and Eastern science, metaphysics, and spirituality.

EFT is a clinically proven mind-body modality, energy healing, metaphysics, spirituality, rather than “Clinical Psychology”. 

It's thrilling to see modern science back up what Eastern medicine has known and used for 5,000 years. These are just a few examples of studies that have proven the efficacy of Tapping:
  • Studies by the Harvard Medical School revealed that Tapping can drastically reduce or eliminate stress in the amydgala.
  • Dr. Dawson Church, one of the world’s leading experts on energy psychology, conducted a study where the cortisol levels were measured on participants after one hour of Tapping. The results showed a reduction of 24%-50% in cortisol levels—compared to the control group who experienced a nearly insignificant reduction!
  • A study from Energy Psychology Journal confirmed that the benefits from EFT are the result of the Tapping process and not a placebo effect. “Tapping on acupoints, combined with the vocalization of self-affirming statements, appears to be an active ingredient in EFT rather than an inert placebo. The results were consistent with other published reports demonstrating EFTs efficacy for addressing psychological conditions in students.”
  • Countless anecdotal evidence, like this story by Serina Deen, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry who experienced a powerful session that turned her into a believer. “It’s non-invasive, rapid-acting, can be self-administered, and I did feel the benefits myself, firsthand.”
(Want to see even more evidence? Visit EFT Universe for more than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed professional journals.)

Geli is also an Essential Oils educator and certified Raindrop Technique practitioner, coming from a family lineage of botanical science and pharmacy. 

What she is offering to this community are personal coaching, coaching programs, master classes, masterminds and community on a variety of subjects.

It's a kaleidoscope of Quantum Field perspective, and Whole Person Psychology rather than traditional “Clinical Psychology” with the aim to bring unique individual healing and flourishing to those she is divinely appointed to serve.

She is also an Essential Oils Wellness educator coming from a family lineage of botanical science and pharmacy; and she is also in private practice with Individuals or Couples as a Sacred Conscious Sexuality (Tao-Tantra) coach and confidant focusing on sensual and sexual intimacy, with the goal of more pleasure, harmony and union for both.