Preface of the Story of the Dreams Café 

On December 14th 2007 I had a remarkable long night time vision. It was so strong and intense that many years later the experience is as clear with all the details as it was then. I realise that I was shown an allegorical parable of lost and restored dreams. It was also at the same time when I was given a mandate to gift the world with HOPE - HEALING - JOY.

The night time vision of the allegorical Dreams Café was also very intense with deep and expansive feelings accompanying what I was shown. Both despair, hopelessness, and also exquisite joy and spiritual euphoria, and sumptuous opulent beauty.  

It is my intention to present the experience as truthful as I was shown it, both in writing and the graphic images I created. As a community of sage wise women we all play a part in this as an awakening conscious living collective, help restore hope and to consciously live our quantum dreams, not only for ourselves but also for others. Whichever way you interpret this allegorical parable, it is up to you and how it resonates with your life and mission. 

As with all allegories and parables, the images I saw, both the abyss and the euphoric, are not meant to be taken literally, but applied to deep truths relevant to our life and those we were assigned to serve! 

Many of us have been on a path where seemingly all hope was lost. Dreams no longer relevant, perceived as, "It's too late now!" However, as we mindfully embark on the 'conscious living' journey, we are invited to reframe our experiences in a positive, high-vibration' way. We have choices to either see dark traumatic experiences as tombstones, or as stepping stones to rise with healing and joy in our wings and to shine the light to others willing to grow and be whole.

The Dreams Café – 14 December 2007 

The very long night time vision started off with me walking through a very depressed and oppressed land. A land that had seen sorrow and hardship, with its residents pushed aside, oppressed, painfully numbed, and disregarded.
People were asleep to truth, cocooned in an illusion of forced-on 'reality', so that darkness, hopelessness and giving up had become the norm everyone had subserviently obeyed to.

I was told that it was common that little children were thrown away. Sure enough, I was walking along a path so strewn with tiny, very tiny body parts of cast-away aborted foetuses; the path was covered with them, and I took great pains not to step on them. It was a long path of aborted dreams, hopes and visions.  
The whole place was ‘dead’, down-trodden and without hope.
I then walked through an empty field, confined, dried out grassy area, more looking like an empty former grave yard, where prior to being a graveyard, newly wedded couples came to have their pictures taken close to a brick wall. But there was no one there, it was desolate.

As I walked on, I came to a huge, humongous villa type place, almost like a ghostlike Goth-like dark unused old factory, which formerly was palatial.  All totally run down and dilapidated. It was, however, once upon a time, a majestic and magnificent building of a former glorious era.

The Building, particularly the café was situated at the very ‘corner’ heart of a V junction (the tip of the ‘V’). Standing at the tip of the ‘V’ the left hand side road was a once-upon-a-time beautiful water front, probably a luxurious lake with a gorgeous promenade; the right hand side of the ‘V’ had a road running along separating the café from a wall of modern buildings.

At that point, suddenly I found myself in the dark and rather chilly basement, airless, grand and gloomy. A couple of sinister and apparently powerful, indistinguishable figures emerged in front of a negotiation table. I also noticed that there was now 'Someone' who stood by me. It transpired that those two dark 'figures' owned or had the lease of the place. They decided to sell off the pivotal 'heart' of the big building which was an old café, as it was a worthless liability to them, both financially and otherwise. So the 'Someone' bought it for me after some negotiations, and I became the new owner of the old café.

Back on my own again, I now went into the old café and was imagining how to bring it back even beyond the former glory; and how I could make it beautiful, bringing my own creative touches into it. Everything in this old café was dirty, dingy, run down. The large glass windows were so dusty and dirty, impossible to look through, nor let any sunlight in. The dirty glass display cabinets meant for cakes, pastry and other delightful patisserie items were empty except for some very basic food items, layers of grey dust and some spiderwebs.

There were very few people in the old café, staff and customers, all walking around with this same old hopeless depressed state. The old café had become an eating place to barely keep people alive.

As I walked outside on the old terrace with some overgrown brown grassy plants bits, the big overall power owners drove up in their black limousine, and came out shouting at me. They were infuriated about the sale. To them the old café was a place where they could control and manipulate people with propaganda and fear, where truth was supressed to oppress the population with compliant helplessness, hopelessness, brainwashed their emotional state into silenced depressive darkness. Evidently, those who sold the café to me had no rights to sell it to me. But it was too late, it was legally sold and I was the owner of it. So they drove off extremely angry, never to be seen again.

As I walked back inside the old café, and looked at the very bad state of repair everything was, and how I wanted it to have it restored, it became clear to me that the people who sold the café, where the ones responsible for restoring it. However, their handymen workers, could not care less, and just glossed over, superficially making it look ok, but I walked around stopping them to do it properly. 

One incident stood out, where they tried to do short cuts. Right in the centre of the café was the once palatial and majestic red and gold staircase going up, a celestial and divine connection, which had broken off and sunk down. The workers were just cosmetically patching up the break off with a few bolts and braces. I stepped underneath where the separation fracture had occurred, and said, “No, it needs to be restored properly and lifted higher, far higher”. They said it was enough, but I said, “No, it needs to be lifted higher still.” I continued insisting till it reached the right level, and at that moment there was great rejoicing from the people, customers and café staff. The divinely linked path was made whole again.

As the workers continued in the restoring process, I walked around all over the café and talked with customers, waiting staff and kitchen staff.
As I walked into the front area of the café, only a small part had been used for people to have a drink and some basic foodstuff. The once exquisitely elegant café patisserie had been closed. I made sure that it was opened up. 

I instructed for the old dirty tall French window style doors also to be opened so that fresh air and light could stream in. The now clean and bright opening invited people to be curious and feel safe to step in from the old dilapidated terrace.

People started to come in to the patisserie area. It again displayed the charm of luxury, with the most exquisite and daintiest delectable, luscious and costly delicacies served on the finest chinaware. Slowly but surely the old café was brightly gleaming again displaying the best of the best in abundance far beyond the necessary.

At first people gingerly and curiously entered and sat down, waiting staff at the ready. Still there was the old dark and gloomy hopelessness hanging over the people, but a new hope started to sweep in, allowing them to dare talk about the joy days, what it is like, so full of glory and laughter and cheer.

 Now with me being the new owner, opening the windows and doors – especially the patisserie which had been shut for an unknown long time, things were being cleared out cleaned, repainted, restored and prepared for an even more luxurious ambience, people started to fill with hope. They dared to revel in the glorious light and happiness they started to experience. Now there was a fresh hope, with smiles glowing across people’s faces, and more people came in and sat down and talked. 

I was listening to them, talking with them, and hearing their various stories. The waiting staff stood quietly around and still looked a bit depressed, but even with them, they started to pick up on the hope.

I went into the kitchen area. The people, the staff there were really repressed and depressed, working like slaves in very bad conditions, with very old and outdated equipment. Some of the old equipment was a huge chocolate-font pot. In fact the wonderful huge chocolate pot where they used to make the most delectable silky smooth rich creamy chocolate was the only kitchen equipment I saw.  It was an enormous basin, like a huge circular tub almost 2m diameter that was originally all shiny golden. Now it was all dark brown and crusted over. It was unbearably hot and dingy in there. One worker said that this equipment produced about 50’C heat around it, and they had no fans or air conditioning to cool the air, they were tired and exhausted. So, I said that they will immediately have what they needed installed and anything else they wished to make their work more comfortable and pleasurable. As I walked around the harassed worn out kitchen staff, I stopped to listen to their stories. Nobody had listened to them before, nobody had cared, and they had just been workers in slave-like conditions.

As I talked with them, they too started to pick up hope again. I then walked out of the kitchen area out onto the street. The buildings across the road were modern high rise building. I did not see any people around anywhere; those building were just large modern stone faced building.

The main thing, however were not the buildings, it began to rain, a shower – downpour of rain. It was like mild spring rain, the most refreshing and invigorating rain. I had no umbrella, and was not looking for one. I just run with my arms stretched out in the rain, running, almost dancing with joy, arms stretched out, enjoying and soaking in the refreshing rain. 
I then went back into my café, to the area of the kitchen and waiting staff, and told them of the rain. They just looked at me as if to say, we have to work, we can’t go out in the rain. But I owned the café now, I was their boss now, so I told them that they must go out into the rain and refresh.

I continued to go back into the café part, walking all around to-and-fro, I was so busy walking, listening and talking with people and instructing the restoration workers. At one point I was thinking that I would normally feel tired and should take a rest, but, instead I was energised and kept on being busy. Wherever I went, the place and the people started to lighten up. More and more people, customers came in, eager to hear and experience what was happening and telling their stories of their glorious dreams and hopes, and that there was emerging a new hope for an even more shining and blissful future.

They sat at the tables, and more people came in. I noticed that the café was located at the back of a huge University type building, kind of shut out of sight and circulation from the main streets and pathways, but I knew that the location would not hinder the café from flourishing, as people were talking now to each other, they were free to talk - no longer repressed, no longer inhibited to talk, or, plain just too sad and depressed that they could not talk. Now there was light and hope streaming in, everybody started to lighten up, joy and hope started to appear. People talked and brought more people in.

When the night time vision ended, tears of joy and gratitude filled me. For more than two hours after this very vivid vision I felt like it continuing with a very strong glorious presence.

I continued on asking questions, wondering how it would fit in to the overall plan. 

I had received three words as part of my mandate: Hope, Healing, Joy.