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You are Invited to be my Guest enjoying Food Stories and Inspirations from All over the World … even from Geli’s Own Kitchen.

What started like a little family blog (on a different site) to provide my adult kids with home recipes after they flew the nest, has now become a collection site for gastronomic memories in various places and countries, as well as home cooking.

I aim at healthy cooking, especially low carb, but there are occasional indulgences, especially when it comes to traditional cuisine from various countries.

However, my main aim is to provide inspirations for mindful eating and creating a conscious kitchen, no matter how small the cooking area is!

Also, I aim at low carbs cooking which is keto friendly or paleo or 'pegan' (Dr. Mark Hyman) inspired. If you are on a strict keto diet, my recipes may not necessarily be suitable for you!

So, enjoy browsing around the various food collections, memories and musings. If you like something, please let me know in comments.

P.S. I tend to be heavy handed with spices, so you may need to adjust the recipes to your liking ...

I lived in and visited so many different countries over my 70 years on this planet, from Germany, various other countries in Europe, the Far East, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Australia, America, Middle East, such as Egypt, African, such as Ghanaian, etc., thus my family kitchen was peppered and spiced or influenced by the various world cuisines.

As I grew up at the River Rhine in a prolific wine growing area, I choose to have this wine glass, which is a traditional vintage Römer from the 'Rheingau'. 

My grandmother was a Bavarian lady, so quite a few family recipes have the southern German flair.

Enjoy finding recipes you might like to explore. Traditional recipes might not fall into your 'healthy category', however there are times when something a little special or different is also enjoyable.
As I like to travel, I like to include some foodie experiences on the go😊