The Chronicles of Crone Fleur
Sometimes it takes a little magic to find your way to the heart ...

Sometimes life doesn't go as we planned it to be, there are joys as well as disappointments. Sometimes we feel it's easier to give up, give up on ourselves, give up on love ... certainly on romance ... after all we are old enough not to believe in fairytales any more, yes?! Yet, try as hard as we may to keep the walls around us shut, the heart yearns for more, yearns for hope ... 
               .... and sometimes it takes the magical alchemy, wisdom and experience of Crone Fleur to show  the guiding light on a hidden path, overgrown with the weeds of family secrets, trauma and pain, to break through to joy, healing and a hope inspiring future.

The stories here, all of the characters, organizations, events and places in these novels are fictional by the author ... however, they are all based on real life clients of the author and their various issues. 

To protect the clients, their names and circumstances have been changed, however, their healing paths have been preserved so that they can serve as uplifting encouragement and hope to those who read.

Magical realism and holistic psychology weaving the wisdom and knowledge of East and West support the unfolding of enlightened paths to joy, passion, sacred sexuality, and love. And yes, you are allowed to dream again ... later-life romance is totally possible!

The image here of 'Crone Fleur' is your way of finding snippets of chapters, in the form of blog posts, before they are published in book format.