Hey there, Geli here ... I am no longer interested in trying to create an empire and impress anyone. The time has come to just be authentically me and fully enjoy the best years of my life, whilst having fun generating multiple streams of income.

I decided that I would bring sunshine, light, hope, healing and joy ... mixed with playfulness and pleasure.
Life is too fascinating for me to slow down, however I do appreciate being able to shift gears and now create the life that I desire.

           what about you?

                Are you transitioning from the trajectory you are used to, embarking on a new adventure in life?
Are you envisaging becoming your own online business owner so that you can enjoy greater lifestyle choices in this new phase? 

What stage in your life are you at in regards to retirement? Are you getting close, or are you already in retirement, but wanting more? 

As an online entrepreneur, retirement can become your next adventure, making these the best years of your life - profitable, enjoyable with freedom, flexibility and fulfillment!

What do you love and value? 

             ... is it travel? ... enjoying the good life? ... reigniting intimacy and loving relationships or take them to a higher level?  ... is it creating a tranquil sanctuary in your home and garden? ... is it exploring arts, music or crafts like you always wished you could? ... is it just enjoying a pain-reduced happy life (a big deal for many!)?
What is it for you? ... 

It's no secret, exploring more of this world is my thing, whether it is travelling to countries I have not yet been, or experiencing locations nearby, quaint beautiful old villages or towns with history. My inner artist relishes in picturesque landscapes, especially anywhere near water.

One of my biggest core desires is to help more senior people rekindle their passionate intimacy. In a youth driven society the whole idea of intimacy beyond a certain age, seems ludicrous, especially if there are health issues, disabilities, bits of anatomy missing such as  mastectomy or limbs gone, and overall a lack of confidence that we just don't look as juicy as decades ago ...

However, there are ways to enjoy deep sacred intimacy with the help of some Tao-Tantric  practices.

I can spend hours refining sacred spaces for their ambience and tranquility, especially when they are spiritual energy portals. I love art and music, I can hide away for days reading one book after another ... not forgetting fine wines and exquisite gourmet delicatessen, but then I also delight in rustic farm style foods, real honest wholesome foods!

What are you into? Let's get to know each other ... not just the professional side, but also the human, personal side.

Where are you from originally? Which part of the world are you in as you peruse this website right now? I would love to know. Send me a message, it would be great to connect 🥰

OK, let's get some formalities out of the way with a bio of sorts 😉  ....