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Sacred Pleasures - Aroma Tao Tantric Arts For The Older Divine Feminine
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This part of the website, the Journey Of Intimacy" (JOI), and the accompanying free articles, e-courses, membership and personal coaching with Geli Heimann, BSc. (Hons.) MSc Psychology, takes you on a journey through a vital part of your sacred self - your sexuality. 

It offers insights on how to awaken and integrate your whole being, resulting in a union of your body and soul with the Spirit of the Divine.

The "Journey Of Intimacy" (JOI), introducing you to Tao-Tantra and Sacred Sexuality offers insights into how to live ecstatically and orgasmic by awakening your sensual self.

This part of the website and working with Geli Heimann does not promote one particular style of sexuality over another. Instead it is a synthesis of many of the ancient arts combined with modern principles (such as Neo-Tantra) of sex and sexual healing.

The terminology in this material here is kept simple to avoid overwhelm to you with ancient terminology and excessive use of Sanskrit words. One major exception of this rule is that Sanskrit words are used for penis (lingam, meaning "Wand of Light") and vagina (yoni, meaning "Sacred Space").

"To the pure in heart, all things are pure" 

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Hi! I'm Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons.), MSc Psych. and I am inviting you 
Awaken Your Body
Awaken to Deeper Intimacy
Orgasmic Healing Pleasure
Flourish beyond trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Create a new radiant life with balance and abundance, rather than living from a wounded history.

Over the years, especially we women, we tend to loose ourselves and our true identity, and our true heartfelt desires. We were raises to please others and invariably sacrifice what we really want. We compromise our own pleasure, as we were told not to be selfish. Society and culture indoctrinated us to put our men first, to take responsibility for their pleasure and their sexual wellbeing. If we have a husband/partner, we tend to organize our life around his needs. We give and give and give, ending up depleted and empty at best. Stress has become a normal way of existing. Studies have shown that women are twice as likely to suffer from heart related illnesses, such as heart attacks, than men. 

At the ages of 50/60+ most of us have become invisible. We are so busy being the best mother possible for our teens, or early twenty year olds, whilst juggling the rest of our lives with elderly parents, work/jobs and intimate relationships ... if there is any. We have lost the connection to our own bodies and what it means to be sexual, sensual orgasmic beings. Then, on top of it all, menopause comes along ... libido? What libido? ...

It is time to discover the precious beautiful sensuous woman, the goddess in you and celebrate her radiant exquisiteness. It's time to break through decades of hopelessness, trauma, merely existing and just getting on with life. It is time to rise up and replace beauty for ashes.

It is time to flourish in your orgasmic fullness. It's time to fan the healing fire of heartfelt desire. It is time to unleash the fierce feminine, as well as the fearless, succulent, conscious, sweet surrender divine feminine living from an open heart. 

It's time to become a joyful, radiant sexual being again in your own right, honouring your own deepest desires and pleasure, whilst allowing the men in your life to be the loving servant leaders they wish to be, partnering in our growth together.

Let healing and transformation begin!

The Ageless Orgasmic Glorious Woman … - Painting purple flower_400x599

She’s a wise woman who lives full-out, feels energetic and joyfully alive 
      … despite being even in her 60’s and beyond.

She values supreme self-care and developing higher sensual feminine power with divine spirituality
to enable the gift of healing to herself
and those around her who need it.

She relishes in sacred sexual pleasure and has the capacity to deeply love without losing herself.

She embodies radiant mature orgasmic wellness, knowing that it is a healing elixir for herself
and her world.

She practices the discipline of orgasmic pleasure which charges and transforms her relationships, family, business, creativity and other aspects of her life.

She delights in sensual vitality on her terms …

She knows how to set healthy boundaries,
                      expressing her freedom not having to please anyone to feel acceptable.

She radiates confidence, and wisdom, and owns her worth …

She has the ability to move in her body with sensual ease and joy.

She diligently practices the discipline of pleasure rituals
to enhance hormones that help her look and feel ageless.

She develops her sacred feminine power and wisdom as she moves through menopause and beyond.

She actively listens to her body with reverence and respect,
loving herself to wholeness.

She knows how to nourish her spirit, mind and body for optimal wellbeing.

She engages her true divine desire to manifest her mission, to receive what she really, truly wants, and to become who she’s meant to be.

If you are that woman, or you’re ready to become that woman, you’re in the right place, and we’re so glad you’re here.
Love and blessings,

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So, how do you kiss in a sensual and meaningful way that ignites an even stronger delicious passion?

What makes an awesome kisser? ...

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Alluring vocal echoes from Deepak Chopra coupled with Demi Moore's sensual voice, 'Desire' is a soulful track inspired by love poems of Rumi. The rhythm of the music will tune in with your heartbeat! Listen and be lost into the state of trance.

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DISCLAIMER:  The concepts shared in this part of the website are merely ideas and beliefs held within the various arts of sacred sexuality. 
Because we are all so different, some of the concepts, exercises or techniques may be agreeable to you and others may not. Whatever the case, choose what works for you and integrate it into your own personal life and sexual practice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your mental health, please consult a professional. Angelika (Geli) Heimann, and the Journey Of Intimacy (JOI) part of this website are not responsible for any affects this material may have.