(I guess you're so over having to compromise your dreams, and just getting by ...)

International Lifestyle Business Community for Ageless Women

Helping Savvy Senior WisdomPreneurs Create a Profitable Online Multiple Streams of Income Business  

Do you desire to transition from working for money – trading time for money to creating residual income and legacy?

Are you a women who is willing to learn new skills and game plans?

Are you a woman who is willing to step up from the shining star solopreneur and individual power to a collaborative authentic transformational leader, creating economies based on team spirit, community, connection and deep life values?

Are you a woman who is ready to move from ‘me’ to ‘we’ without loosing herself and her genius, creating a global empire that is also an economically thriving heart-centred spiritual global village?  

You have come to the right place! 


If You are an Ageless Savvy Spiritual Entrepreneur,
It's Vitally Important to Support Your Most Important
Business Asset:
Your Physical and Mental Health,
Emotional Wellbeing & Cognitive Fitness!

Let's face it, if your body or mind is on strike, business performance and revenue producing activities will reflect that. So, more than anything else, it is no longer a luxury to properly look after yourself! 

Because in all your achievements, hustling, busy with all the various roles you are likely to perform in, you might even forget to look after yourself consciously.

I understand first hand what it means to experience burnout – a state of chronic stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, drained and depleted, fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue, just not having the strength to take even the smallest step. 

I understand first hand what it means winding up in hospital, first with severe cellulitis leading to potentially life threatening sepsis, and the second time with two heart attacks, cardiac arrest with an NDE, now living with stents and a pacemaker. 

Especially after I experienced the NDE (Near Death Experience) when I transitioned over and was brought back, I knew I was given a second chance to life, and a chance to inspire my fellow spiritual entrepreneur Sisters of a particular age to possibly prevent similar to happen to them.

I am now eager to use my holistic energy psychology knowledge and skills together with the natural power of essential oils and oils infused products uniquely targeted to support body, mind and spirit,
to help my Sisters overcome stress, break through trauma blockages, financial limitations, live a more conscious and mindful lifestyle with wholesome clean foods and superior supplements. 

As with other dimensions of health and wellness, deliberate effort is needed to maintain and especially improve cognitive health together with mind and mood support for optimal psychological function and normal functioning of the nervous system. 

Many of the natural supplements I recommend are plant based (vegan), Kosher and Halal certified.

Those of us who are spiritual heart-centred solo-entrepreneurs, lightworkers, healing-arts professionals passionate about helping those who need our services, so often find making a living very challenging, especially these days! It is not unusual for us to freely provide our gifts to humanity without even charging, yet our own needs remain unmet.
Despite our various qualifications, looking great on paper, skills, and experiences; despite very successfully having changed other people's lives, we ourselves often just barely get by. I know it painfully all too well, as I have been there! 

The shame to admit that at our age paying the most basic bills can at times be a struggle, worrying about the future, especially living past our financial resources (which invariably affects our own health and wellness), can impact our quality of life. Surely we should be in a different position! ... 
We so often keep quiet about it, feeling ashamed that despite all of our credentials, certificates and degrees we have fallen way short of what we ever hoped for. I know it too well! If you are in that situation, I feel you my Sister! I have been there! This is why I feel passionate about inspiring you and other Sisters to ease out of this dilemma and step by step go from surviving to thriving ... TOGETHER!  

Over the years you have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience,
making you so relatable with people of all generations, but especially to your Sisters, your fellow savvy senior Wisdom-Preneurs to help them create a profitable online business, together with you!

You are mastering emotional maturity and intelligence, which are key factors in interactions with others and supporting them to be successful.

You are known for your dependability and dedication to step up to help others to live their best life … not just your own!
You are a self starter and coachable.
You have a passion for natural holistic health and wellness, and therefore have the energy required to keep a steady level of motivation.

Your spirit of giving is strong, not only do you desire to ‘give back’, but also it is important to you that in your own success you impact the lives of countless of others so that they can rise as well to be changemakers in their communities.

Problem is, the endless hustle in your work or income producing activities isn’t working like it used to.

The global economy has changed, the recent pandemic has taken a toll on virtually everyone. You may have even lost your holistic practice, and/or your retirement funds.

You are looking for an additional income, some extra cash to see you through some tough times.

… and yes, there is a way to create fresh multiple streams of income, should you choose that path! It’s not a get rich quick route. Yes, there is a simple system to follow, but working hard is still very much required. If you are up for it, it is very much worth it!

 We are here, Helping You Create Your Personal Dream Life and Sovereignty,
Even in Times of Uncertainty
... Whilst at the Same Time Boosting your Health, Vitality and Wellness in All Aspects!
(.. after all, we are way more productive and effective when we feel great 'firing on all cylinders'
Mind Body Spirit!)

Yes, it’s possible to have it ALL!
The financial success, the dream schedule, the time freedom, emotional-mental-brain health, and physical vitality, plus meaningful friendship communities and vibrant caring sisterhood circles!

Confused about what your first steps as should be? Lacking the resources and, worst of all, the inspiration to scale your business? Then you’ve come to the right place!

As we are getting older and wiser, the question is, does Online Marketing, - Affiliate/Network Marketing 
really help to boost the retirement funds?

A resounding 'YES!' it can be ... provided you know what you are doing!

 Following a step-by-step simple system, being coachable, and a lot of hard and smart work will do the trick!

It certainly is NOT a get rich quick endeavour! It is a solid business system, it requires loving people, leadership skills, and dedicated work, but it is so worth it!

It turns out, affiliate/network marketing requires you to play on two levels.

On one, you must develop a solid outer game: strategies, tactics, formulas.

The other requires having a stellar inner game.

Mindset mastery integrated with targeted specific essential oils and other natural products is a major asset in building a successful online and offline business, especially when combined to a proven duplicatable system.

So, allow me to invite you to my notes helping you create your online business around your own personal brand and life.
I would like to gift you with the “4 Core Online Attraction Alignment” marketing tools, PLUS our Free Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

Attraction Alignment Marketing Tools, 'Going for "YES", are an introduction to soul-satisfying ways of a 4-step plan to sell more of your products and services in a way that makes you (and them) feel amazing.

The joy is to find satisfaction and a successful way to make more sales and serve more people.

Allow me to inspire you with these simple and achievable concepts, getting these tips today!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! When you get our '4 Core Online Business Attraction Alignment' Cheat Sheet, you will also get our invaluable tips sent to you regularly from our:
*Wisdom-Age Inspired Conscious Mindful Living 
Lifestyle Magazine* 
(... after all, you want to be fit and healthy in every respect so that you run at your own full speed to be the best possible
vibrant energetic person for your business success!)  
Here are some of the topics:

♥ Mindful living and wellbeing
♥ Chakra balancing & energy medicine/psychology
♥ Tips for natural beauty
♥ How to create your own sacred space, wellbeing oasis, and soul spa
♥ Supporting your hormone health
♥ Resilience tips for the frazzled
♥ Practical tips for embracing and building self-love
♥ e-Courses that can put you on your path toward better health, well-being and vitality, plus business psychology tips.