Raindrop energetics
RaindropThis gentle and extremely effective treatment, unique in Europe, is carried out with 100% plant-based essential oils.

It is a unique method of relaxing the back muscles in a new way. It has been proven that many parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi nest in the back muscles. After some time, inflammation develops and the muscle subsequently shortens. When muscles that balance and align the spine are affected, the vertebral bodies begin to rotate and move in the direction of shortened muscles. The result is scoliosis. In severe cases, the spine twists like a spiral staircase.

Massaging these shortened muscles increases metabolism and supports the healing process of inflamed muscles. But many muscles are beyond the reach of even the most experienced massage therapist. This is exactly where the raindrop technique comes into play. By applying the oils to the back, the herbal active ingredients are absorbed into the back muscles. Once there, they are effective for up to a week. They fight bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi that have embedded themselves between the muscle fibers. The balancing effect of the oils also supports the body in finding its emotional and energetic center.

The Raindrop technique works with a combination of essential oils with therapeutic effects. Pure essences that do not even contain the idea of a synthetically produced additive.

Raindrop® energetics are suitable for:
Spinal problems
Leg length differences
Strengthening of the musculoskeletal system

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