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The New Retirement Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
are Singles and/or Couples Empowered to live a Life of Purpose and Passion,
Building a Business that Supports it!

As a business psychologist, I have always asserted that what goes on in the most intimate circles of life affects the efficacy of business/work, and vice versa.

The key here is NOT whether you are single or a couple. The importance is what meaning you give to your status. Are you content and happy, or do you wish your life was different? 

I know couples who are totally on the same page in just about everything they do, they tell me that they live their life and work/business as one, even though they have been together for ages. That's no accident! It takes skill and emotional intelligence to negotiate the waves of the coupledom ocean.

I also know couples that hundred precent support each other in their individual work/business endeavors, but they don't work together on the same project. Yet they still work as a team in their private and intimate life, and are very happy.

Clearly there are also singles who could not be happier to create their independent lifestyle and thrive in their business.
I have spent some very empowering times with clients who just desired to expand their flourishing to a greater dimension, to get the most out of their remaining years on this planet with the biggest impact for the greater good for all they felt responsible for, including themselves.

On the other hand, I have also worked with couples where things did not go so well. Whilst the majority of my clients relationships were able to heal, re-meeting each others as life partners and lovers, some did go through a divorce.
I always offer "conscious uncoupling" as the most favourable and positive solution ending a marriage with integrity, grace and respect.

To quote Katherine Woodward Thomas, "Conscious uncoupling is really about the art of consciously completing things that matter to us in a way that lets us move on. It's about resolving a lot of the very difficult feelings like anger or rage or the feeling of unfairness, desiring to get revenge or get that person back." 

A break up does not need to ruin your life, damage your children, or define your future.

Indeed, can be healing, kind, loving and respectful for yourself and all involved.