Why MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) ALIGNED with Your Unique Essence and Life Mission is Essential for Golden Years Thriving
My Story

Here I was, a Masters degreed Business Psychologist specialising in the relatively new discipline of vibrational energy psychology and NLP practitioner in private practice. I had helped many clients to get unstuck and flourish living a happier life, but I was struggling getting the next client. 

With all my enthusiasm and love for my work, reality became rather self-evident - word-of-mouth is not predictable nor consistent in getting new clients. 
I worked hard to make ends meet, chasing both clients and business leads alike but found myself still strapped for cash. 
I was stuck in the typical self-employed/solopreneur conundrum - if I wanted to earn more, I needed to work more. The old 'trading time for money' paradigm wasn't sustainable and did not work for me. With no leverage or system in place, everything relied on me. I could not take a few days off when I needed to. I did not have a business. I had a j-o-b.

At 60 with no retirement plan or pension, I was even challenged to pay the most basic living expenses. I had become a professional academic statistic, particularly being a woman of that age group.

I could not hide my shame much longer and took on a job, just to survive.
That is how I became a caregiver, receiving minimum pay while working with young people who had mental health challenges and those with severe learning disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, including those who were wheelchair bound. Now, I worked 70 daytime hours, interspersed with four nightshifts per week, while at the same time juggling clients and my therapeutic coaching business. 

Whilst caregiving was a very honourable job, the inevitable happened - burnout, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, damaged spine and finally literally wound up in hospital with a potentially life threatening disease. All this had a devastating effect on my physical energy. I was tired and fried, craving sleep all the time barely making it through the day.

Something had to change! I quit the caregiving job and decided to make network marketing a viable part of my multi-stream of income proposition. After all, essential oils were a perfect and complementary match in a health and wellness mindset coaching practice. 

However, one of the products became a total game-changer personally for me! It's an essential oils infused super juice drink formulated in such a way that it gently lifts my overall energy so I can think with clarity, feeling great and no longer have energy slumps disrupting my working day! It's my daily go-to I would no longer want to be without!

OK, so,  I had to learn the hard way that network marketing is a profession with skills and a proper mindset that needs schooling and mentoring in a structured, systematic way to avoid becoming a network marketing failure statistic.

Now in my 70's and with growing knowledge - you never stop learning and developing as a person - I find myself enjoying the business building aspect of this venture. It combines what I love doing together with a lucrative lifestyle business that empowers increased vitality, youthfulness, and health.

It has become my dream to help other older professional women, coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, and intuitive health professionals add network marketing to their existing venture!

I am also an educator for complementary healing arts, Tao-Tantra intimacy coach, ordained minister, and sage mystic, bridging science, spirituality and metaphysics.

I am German born and raised, have resided in various countries, such as the Netherlands and Hong Kong. I currently live in London, England, I'm a lover, mother, grandmother. I relish spending time with my loved ones, likeminded close friends, family, my precious grandkids ... and my two Mi-Ki breed dogs, Arwen and Pippin.

I am considering adding a second home in the south of France, which means learning a third language in my life ... German, my mother tongue, English and then French ... well why not ... it will keep my braincells active ;)

The 'Loving Your Age' Radiant Woman

She's a wise woman who lives full-out, feels energetic and joyfully alive ... despite being in her 60's and beyond,
even with health challenges

She values supreme self-care, developing her higher sensual feminine power with divine spirituality to enable the gift of healing to herself and those around her who might need it

She knows how to set healthy boundaries, expressing her freedom not having to please anyone to feel acceptable
She radiates confidence, and wisdom, and owns her worth
It's OK to express her vulnerability as needed


She actively listens to her body with reverence and respect, loving herself to wholeness
She knows how to nourish her spirit, mind, and body for optimal wellbeing
She engages her true divine desire to manifest her mission to receive what she really, truly wants, and
to become who she's meant to be
She knows how to deeply connect in meaningful relationships with others in Circle

If you are that woman, or you are ready to become that woman, you're in the right place
we're so glad you're here!

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May I invite you to join me with your favourite beverage, as I would like to share with you some more reminiscing .... ?

As you may have realised by now, I love sharing stories ...

So, I said a screaming 'Hello!' to this world in February 1953 in Hannover, Germany (... yes I know, nearly 7 decades here on this planet!!). My father, Dr. Max Heimann, was a phytopathologist (plant diseases) doing his professorship habilitation at the university in Hannover.  He was one of those pioneers who worked on genetic engineering, and later discovered apoplexy in apricot trees. 

Much later, he worked with major world-wide known pesticide and herbicide companies, at times much to the dismay of my mother, especially when he infected her rose garden to test out some of the 'remedies' those companies were testing in the research lab.

My aristocratic mother was a licensed clinical pharmacist, one of those specialist dispensing apothecaries, who I witnessed many times to give advice to medical doctors.

Over the years, I experienced more and more pharmaceutical companies filling our home with products for her to recommend, together with various gifts. Some of those were fun for me as a kid to play with, such as puppets or sparkling drinks containers, and lots more.

However, my mother never lost the touch of creating medicines herself. So, we would frequently go for long hikes as a family to collect all sorts of botanicals. Then, back home, we would spread them on the large kitchen table, cut them up carefully to be used as she would direct. Some of the botanicals became tinctures or salves or balms, others became herbal tea infusions or tisanes.

One could say that I was predisposed to the field of healing and wellness. My father even chose my name, Angelika, from the Latin plant name 'angelica archangelica officinalis' which is a healing plant. 
Hearing those two daily converse around chemistry and botanicals, clearly left a mark on me.
(Oh, by the way, the grumpy kid on my mother's lap, yes, that was me ....)

So, yes, I was raised in a home of scientists, but it took me a long time to align myself with my own life purpose path. My parents were of the generation that wowed new developments in science. The overwhelm of pharmaceutical  products that regularly arrived at home did not impress me. I was always a free thinker wild soul, or maybe an old soul incarnate, intrigued by earth magick, growing witchy medicine, and the metaphysical realm. However, science itself was also always close to my heart ... afterall, my second home was 
Göttingen, Germany, my grandmother's place. It was also the town where my mother, at the time, frequented with scientists such as Otto Hahn, Max Planck, etc., and the conversation certainly touched on quantum mechanics.

As a teenager I developed a strong interest in the field of psychology, but for reasons known best to my parents, they would not let me study psychology, and pushed me into English Literature at university in Germany. Meanwhile the English language has become my second mother tongue. Then, whilst living in Hong Kong, I took up theology which then led me to become an ordained minister ... my spiritual pathway.

The next step was returning to university now living in London. The kids had grown, I was 50 and ready to do two degrees in psychology, both science degrees, one of which was a masters (I might do my PhD, yet, who knows). I chose not to do my masters in clinical psychology as I much rather not support the psychopharmaceutic industry. Suffice it to say, I experienced enough of the powers of Big Pharma in my parental home!

During my time at the University of Westminster in London, I decided to link psychology with the study on therapeutic properties and uses of essential oils. It was here that I discovered that even the most expensive brands did not produce essential oils that actually truthfully resembled the smell of the original plant. (God knows what else did not truthfully resemble the quality of a 100 percent pure, therapeutic grade oil).

I was/am clear on using essential oils throughout all my psychological and mental wellbeing support with my clients. I was/am clear on the fact that traditional psychotherapeutic  talk therapy was not enough to break through trauma barriers. Memory is held on a whole body cellular level, not just in brain circuits and the subconscious. Traditional psychotherapeutic talk therapy can run the risk of re-traumatising clients, by creating fresh neurological pathways reinforcing the old. I personally prefer the holistic whole person wellness approach with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Reimprinting using EFT tapping, Positive Psychology, Chakra Balancing, plus exploring the Quantum Field and Akashic Records.

It was only when I was introduced to the Young Living brand that I was satisfied to be willing to use their oils on my own family and my clients. Not only do they triumph in their organic bio-chemical purity and top therapeutic grade, but they are so fine in their molecular structure that they are able to permeate the so-called 'blood-brain-barrier' to give the necessary support needed.

If that was not good enough, these Young Living oils and especially their carefully crafted blends, grouping selected oil essences for specific benefits, have been tested for their energetic vibrational quality. For those of you who are knowledgeable about energy medicine and energy psychology, this is very good news indeed!

My personal journey with Young Living has been well over ten years. Apart from using the oils as a powerful support adjunct tool in my private  psychology practice, I use them daily at home and when I travel. My grandchildren were raised on them from birth, and I happily use them with my little dog when necessary. Plus, because of the alive vibration energetics of the oils, I also enjoy them as part of the more esoteric alternative health modalities.

Because Young Living is way more than just essential oils … it is a wellness lifestyle company with a range of oils infused other products, such as toxin free household cleaning, personal care, skin care, oil infused make-up range, baby and pet products plus nutritional supplements, I am grateful to know that my health is supported, especially as I am getting older approaching my 70’s.
To me, this company really resonates with my standards and values! …. 


“Young Living is a company founded
on miracles, teaching the world
that there’s a better way,
through God’s
gifts of essential oils”
~Dr. Wayne W Dyer

“Little drops of God in a bottle”
                      ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“What Young Living is doing
is going to alter and shift
the state of consciousness
of our planet”
                          ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer