JD Sallinger once wrote about female orgasm that "a woman's body is like a violin; it takes a terrific musician to play it right".

Whilst I have done sexual abuse trauma healing work with women between 20 and 70+ years of age, I have also worked with men eager to be an instrument of healing to their Goddesses, and together they soared in dimensions of bliss not thought possible before. Some of those men also experienced multiple orgasms themselves. It takes love, understanding, intimate knowledge of vibrational energy work, and willing to take the time to explore this amazing path. 

Age has nothing to do with it! Once on this delicious path of oneness ecstasy is experienced, no ordinary sex will ever do again! 

Plus your mind and brain health will thank you. Your hormones and nervous system will bring the much needed emotional, mental and cognitive harmony, especially as the vagus nerve and other nerve pathways in the spinal cord from the genitals to the brain are activated.

What is required, though, is to make it a consistent lifestyle of conscious and mindful living in all aspects!