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or, Who 'Are' you, if you have already started your on that special Journey?

“I’ll play golf, and I’ll go travelling,” or, “I’ll join a charity and find a few hobbies,” and maybe even, “I’ll spend more time with my grandkids.” While these activities may be true, they no longer define who you are the way the titles of what you did during your career did, do they?
... and what's 'age appropriate' anyway? You get to decide!  

You’re not going to build your identity around golfing or travelling specifically are you? So I want you to stop yourself from answering this question, "What will you do when you retire?", until you’ve answered another one first … 

“Who will you be when you retire?”

Throughout your life and career, you acquired a range of labels that were associated with what you 'did', ‘do’ on a daily basis. There are common labels, such as parent, daughter/son, sibling, or professional career related ones. These labels often carry a sense of pride as they signify your place in the social and professional hierarchy. 

The arrival of the wisdom years and retirement is a turning point where the focus shifts from "What you do" to "who you truly are" when stripped of all those external judgmental factors.

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   Many Retirement advice centres focus on activities you now may have the freedom to enjoy. However, I find that this is really putting the cart in front of the horse!

If we focus on finally doing things that we fancy, it just may not have the satisfying lasting effect that we thought it would have. 

So, rather orienting ourselves from the outside in, let's contemplate the Path from the Inside Out.

There is a reason why you are still on this earth. Growing older and wiser is denied to many. 

When you, your soul/spirit, chose to be incarnated into your current human form, you said 'YES' to a mission and purpose. There may even be some lessons you had to learn and/or help others accomplish theirs.

You may have gained valuable skills and had a career using them, but why exactly did you desire to learn those skills. It is discovering your ultimate 'WHY'. It is getting a clearer picture as to who you really are and who you are here to serve. What is Your raison d'être? What is Your soul essence intertwined with the Divine (whatever you call the Divine) to express Your raison d'être through skills, etc., you acquired. What is the inner joy that drives You forward regardless of circumstances or (often well-meaning but misguided) expectations by others? What is the Real You?

The Real You, Your Inner Beingness, informs what your passions and maybe hobbies are. It may inform your love for travelling and getting to know new cultures, or beauty in nature, arts or music; it also informs you who and why you develop relationships with and explore social connections and communities.

All this, of course is supported by Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness and Cognitive Fitness, without which your most cherished desires will not flourish at their best.

Underpinned all of that is financial freedom. I guess that goes without saying, but many do not enjoy that in their advanced years. 

I am not a financial advisor, you would need to find someone else for that, but I can share with you what I find useful in supporting my own lifestyle as a later-age entrepreneur and business psychologist.


Hi! I'm Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons), MSc Psych.

Apart from working with clients in the trauma recovery and Tao-Tantric intimacy wellness field, I'm also a Business Psychologist, Consultant and Holistic Strategist to Post-Career Executives, Entrepreneurs and others, transitioning to a new phase in their life, crafting an income producing profitable business around their chosen retirement lifestyle.

As mentioned, a significant part of my passion is helping clients with PTSD and trauma recovery using energy psychology methods such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping.

I am also a Tao-Tantra Sacred Sexuality educator, helping singles or couples to re-ignite their pleasure and bliss. There are a few blog posts with Intimacy Master Skills mentioned , plus I provide private coaching.

Arts, music and spirituality, quantum science, metaphysical and universal-law is a big thing for me. There is definitely a woo-woo side to me ... 😉

I am also an online marketing, functional wellness empowerment coach, and transformational success mentor ... as well as a pet parent to two Mi-Ki dogs, Pippin and Arwen (Pippin here on the picture with me)

.... what I am not?     I'm not a financial retirement planner, I do not give financial advice ... so, no number crunching from me ;)


As a business psychologist, I help you craft an income producing profitable online business together with enjoying a successful retirement lifestyle with purpose, passion and clarity.

                       & Aroma Soul Spa

Even the most successful and happiest amongst us are likely waging a battle of self doubt, stress, and possible lingering effects of past trauma that have not shifted in talk therapy (still getting triggered ? ..) ... always trying to prove ourselves and secretly questioning our own worth.

Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons), MSc Psych, and Functional Wellness, can help you unblock your path to flourish right from the convenience and comfort of your own home.



The New Way to Retire is to Live Full-Out on Your Terms
Celebrating Your Lifetime of Knowledge and Experiences,
plus, if you so choose,
Flourishing as a Digital Entrepreneur.

... and we'll give you the tools to be equipped,
to realize your full potential and
step into the best version of you to fulfil your dreams,
                                ... without wasting precious time
to live your best life!

It's Never Too Late To Abundantly Create The Life You Love!

What is on your Bucket List?
What are you dreaming about?

Is it a yoga retreat somewhere in Bali?
or some relaxing and rejuvenating time at a resort in Maui?
        .... maybe join the team in Valencia, Spain?

Or you might enjoy taking a selfie before taking off in a hot air balloon ride ... not to mention having a go at steering a formula one car around a track.

Or perhaps you want some hands-on work together with other philanthropists and help rebuild homes, schools and hospitals in disaster zones ...

Well, yes, there is so much more!

I personally also love going on educational cruises with lectures and workshops on board and then heading to sites of antiquity.

I would love to know how you would expand your adventure trail or your dream experiences ... :)

We'll help you create a profitable online business
around your flourishing
and rewarding dream lifestyle,
not a squeezed-in lifestyle around a stressful business or boring retirement!

is the NEW

You’ll be happy to know that there are a wealth of benefits to becoming a remote entrepreneur or digital nomad ... (or loving your home and creating some extra cash to enjoy a few luxuries) !

They are similar, but there is a slight difference between the two. A digital nomad is someone who lives and works to travel the world. As the term nomad implies, digital nomads don’t settle in a single place but are constantly moving, visiting new cities and new countries all year round.  Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle based on travel and online work that’s becoming increasingly popular.

A remote entrepreneur is someone who starts a business that can be managed and operated entirely online. Consequently, these types of businesses don’t require a physical premise or office.

I personally consider myself more of the latter. I live in London, UK. However I love to travel and I am considering to maybe living partially in the South of France. 

Living in Europe, travelling by car is relatively easy. Oddly enough it is way more expensive than travelling by air, However, it is also a lot more fun and my two dogs get to come with me at times.

Having said that, part of my family live in Sydney, Australia. So they fly in to Barcelona, Spain. From there they hire a car and drive the two hours via the Pyrenees to Argelès-sur-Mer, France for family time.

As you can see on the pictures above, there is nothing quite like jumping into the car in London, leaving the heavy traffic behind and drive down to Portsmouth at the south coast. Then dock the car in on the Ferry and enjoy some splendid dining whilst on board. 

Arriving in France at St Malo, then it's a leisurely drive through Bordeaux and the Saint-Émilion  wine area. With no deadlines, it is just wonderful to cruise through the quaint little traditional wine villages, stop wherever it looks inviting for the night, enjoy the delectable French food and wines, then continue to cruise on the next day enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Certainly arriving at the Catalan style old towns Argelès-sur- Mer and Collioure in the Pyrénées-Orientales is my little haven at the Mediterranean coast, the perfect combination of mountains and sea, not far from the Spanish border.

You can also stop over at Château de Valmy at Argelès-sur-Mer, park the car in the castle grounds, like I did.

If you stay overnight at the castle, I can recommend their breakfast in the beautiful Art Nouveau style, typical of the Belle Époque. 

It's great for family time. I'm here with my son, daughter-in-law, and grand children.

The castle grounds are wonderful, we even watched stork parents feed their babies in a huge nest on top of some massive old trees. 

Then stroll around the Valmy vineyards 
              ... always a delight for me, especially as I grew up in the wine growing part of Germany, where the house was surrounded by vineyards overlooking the river Rhine ...

And then of course, it's worth stopping by the wine shop at Valmy and stock up on crates of wine to fill the car with .... just saying ;)

Do I have my laptop with me? Well, of course! Do I take in all the delightful surroundings whilst I work? Yes, of course! To me serving my clients is of great importance, but so is prioritizing everything personal, self-care, healthy living, family, relationships, and fun before any kind of work.

 This is after all a time to make the NEW Retirement the best years of your Life!

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When you laugh together, cry together, grow together, celebrate each other ... and wind up experiencing different part of the world together. It takes very special people to scale up on this type of business, and it can be done!

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