This Website and The Ageless WiseWomen Wellbeing Centre / Community is dedicated to the Modern-Day Crone in her third stage of life.

Before the world became youth centric and youth obsessed, the wisdom of the elder was respected. The Crone (meaning Crowned One) was the wise woman in the village, the healer, the mediator, and a respected source of knowledge.

What is different with the Modern Day Crone? 

also the Baby Boomers? We are the generation of pioneers for the youth today. We demanded equality.  No longer content to stay in traditional roles, we have created a legacy of empowerment by breaking down barriers of the previously male dominated corporate and business worlds.
Like the suffragettes of the early 1900's who fought for the right to vote, the baby boomers fought for the right to have choice, because of the woman's liberation movement of the 1960's, 70's, and beyond. We are not done yet! There is still the gender pay gap, hence me promoting businesses where there is equal opportunity!

Not every woman at a certain age automatically becomes a Crone. Wisdom is meant to be shared. It takes a woman with an understanding of two of the most basic human needs to evolve into a modern-day crone: connection and community.

There is a spiritual component to connection and community. Also, a modern-day Crone must embrace her legacy with sovereignty over oneself. When a modern-day Crone contributes to her community it is because her service has meaning to her on a personal level. Her actions serve her community with unique gifts developed from years of experience and mastery. She contributes with purpose and not just to fill time.

Many of us are called to walk in the ways of a modern-day Crone, and many of us are also called to facilitate healing, hope and flourishing, in the role of a mind-body-spirit doula or midwife helping our Sisters through their personal initiation into the WiseWoman Crone stage. Are You?