Serving Senior Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
to Stay in the Game & Flourish!

Empowering and Equipping the
Wise Senior Business Eagles


My heartbeat is with serving the Wise Business Eagles, the Retirement Entrepreneurs, the ones who made a decision to enjoy an age-positive new phase in life, which also includes an opportunity to devote more time to reflection and inner exploration.

Regardless of whatever physical limitations we may be experiencing, there is the possibility of cultivating and living increasingly from kindness and gratitude, limitless opportunities for a joy that transcends age whilst boosting the quality of our own lives. 

Moreover, the economic impact of the businesses started and run by us senior entrepreneurs is huge, including our own self-reliance and our communities' economic vitality. We are creating income for ourselves and for people of all ages. Prosperity knows no age limits!

My heart is to serve the passionate healthy longevity elders and age-positive leaders, not just in their pursuit as a business WisdomPreneur, but also during their third-stage path in life as a spiritual practice, including mental wellness, emotional intelligence/flourishing, as well as living a wholesome and satisfying life physically. 

My Story

I was riding yet again in an ambulance toward the hospital as my heart condition was showing some concern that warranted a trip to the A&E and cardiac unit.

I got involved in a conversation with the paramedic during that ride. I mentioned that with my psychology background I had spent some time working with people having experienced trauma. She was interested in the specific trauma management and release modalities I use to help them. Unsurprisingly she said that the percentage of suicides, attempted and fatal was very high especially with older people.

I was not surprised! Statistically a significant amount of people who retire won't make it past their next five years. Why? Because many of them lose their sense of purpose and identity. They feel that their lives don't matter anymore. 

There are many other reasons I see from psychology and energy psychology research. Mental and physical wellness is a huge element. The quality of food consumed (or lack of it), regrets and hopelessness especially in this time of global uncertainty, feeling older, more vulnerable and fragile, a sense of time running out, the circle of friends getting smaller, a lack of a meaningful community and social interactions, the fear of cognitive decline and dementia, losing independence, and of course the worry of not meeting financial needs in old age.

I find that Positive Psychology (Strengths Psychology) and 'Aroma Psychology', which is a combination of energy psychology, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also referred to as Tapping, together with high frequency therapeutic essential oils is hugely beneficial in the desired wellness outcomes for my senior entrepreneur clients.
Why my Service is Mainly to  the Wise Business Eagles
in Later-Life Entrepreneurship?

On my professional path, I worked in a private concierge consulting/coaching practice on retainer in a supportive role to the founder and CEO of a large company. I was also his spokesperson and working alongside him with his international peers.

This meant I was functioning in several different consulting and executive roles around him, including acting as a confidant, always on the ready to what was needed ... as well as being a keynote speaker at various conferences for other leaders.

I also extensively worked in trusted private counselling - including marital relationship counselling - advisor, and consulting capacity with other CEOs and leaders. 

My extensive time serving various leaders showed me that even the most gifted, brilliant, highly successful, and hard working strategic minds are not protected from negative emotional issues.  It's not uncommon for them to have trust issues, lack a sense of purpose and struggle with shame guilt and fear. Many are  extremely emotionally damaged and suffer from various mental wellness problems. 

For many years I served a variety of people in positions of leadership, authority, and anyone with influence, offering solid and practical psychological solutions. This then led me to add a Masters in Business Psychology to my honours degree in psychology. 

The world has changed for senior leaders and they, in turn, are changing the world. Seniors are the most entrepreneurial age group. Seniors own businesses at a higher rate than any other demographic cohort.

There is a plethora of great advice, courses and learning programs around the logistics of starting a business, generating a successful going concern, creating a profitable online operation, however, in the privacy of one's own 'secret chamber' the story often looks unnervingly dark, uncertain, and insecure. 

Just because senior leaders have more experience and wisdom under their belt, that does not mean that they are free from worry, mental wellness upsets, and physical older age concerns. It takes a lot staying in the game, and this is where my empowerment service comes in.

Bio Snippets From My Professional Path as a Business Psychologist:

As a business professional with degrees in psychology (Hons.) and Masters degree in business psychology, I am also a practitioner in NLP, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and years of private, independent consultancy.

I find the "The Insights Discovery" psychometric methodology and the field of Positive Psychology very useful in helping my clients navigate their professional and personal lives in a healthy balanced way.  

I am accustomed to handling highly sensitive, confidential records, and work with those in position of responsibility and leadership in private practice to manage burn-out, stress, trauma, depression, bi-polar, and psycho-somatic allergies, using complimentary/alternative energy psychology methods.

I also have experience in working with special needs young people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and other disabilities to empower them with independent living.

My work also involved team building and transformational leadership coaching, as well as advice on the psychology of business deals as a consultant for John Huxley LTD.

I was also flown out to Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire to support a client in my role as a business psychologist and feminine wellbeing and stress management mentor. 

My client was leading negotiations with West African government ministers to collaborate with business leaders and sponsors in a predominantly male and achievement driven world. I was also requested to participate in the negotiation meetings and presentations with African government officials.

On an ongoing basis, I work with international clients via the internet. I have worked with clients across Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and South Africa.

During my work with leaders, it was not uncommon that my work within organisational relationships (e.g. leadership teams) extended to highly confidential consultations and counselling involving trauma due to domestic violence, and sexual marital coaching.

In my counselling and coaching work I frequently use archetypes, as symbolism and parables are often more easily understood within complex concepts.  


The eagle, considered a sacred creature in many cultures, is a powerful symbol that has been used throughout history to represent greatness, wisdom, and spiritual awakening.

Eagles are known for their strength, courage, knowledge and wisdom. 

The eagle is also a beautiful symbol for people who may choose the option to start over in life, because it also represents hope and new beginnings.

Eagles have the potential to soar high above whatever challenges they face in life.

In Conclusion ... 

Now in my 70's my focus has changed to the 'New Retirement' business sector. People like myself who are bored with the prospect of settling into an out-dated retirement routine, people who still have a passion and purpose in their hearts to continue on as long as they can, and people who either already have a thriving business which they choose to pivot onto an online more soul driven trajectory including a multi sources of income side hustle, or those who embark on a completely new online business venture.

Coming from the angle of Holistic Functional Business Psychology, it is my joy to provide hope, wisdom and encouragement for you to continue staying in the game in all aspects of wellness and thrive in your later-life entrepreneurial pursuits.

My work continues to serve leaders, especially the wise senior business eagles, and those who choose to make a difference in their world and their life. Individuals and/or couples who choose a new way to retire by becoming internet entrepreneurs. 

There is an outdated idea that people want to retire at 60 or 65. Many of us still want to contribute to society and the economy. We have a lifetime of knowledge and experience that we want to share with others. We don't want to simply play golf and sit by the beach. 

I know there are some people who love the idea of finally slowing down and enjoy an easy going retirement time ... until they get fed up and bored. Many of us in that age group still want to experience travel, passionate pursuits we've always dreamt of doing, or increasing our finances in order to give back in a philanthropic way.  

There are many ways to achieve that, and I personally find being an online entrepreneur gives the greatest flexibility to work with other people virtually anywhere ... working around our lifestyle, at last! 

If you are one of my wise eagles, with an entrepreneurial spirit to soar high, I know that even the most powerful eagle has moments of vulnerability and can do with some confidential help at times!

As an empowerment coach, I am here for you.

Bright blessings,



Why, as a business psychology professional do I include personal, private couple intimacy? 

What does personal sexuality practices have to do with business performance and entrepreneurial effectiveness? 

           Well, almost everything! ... and to my knowledge they don't teach that at business schools. No MBA or MSc. Business Psychology program, or any business related university degree includes that subject matter in their modules ... at least not the last time I looked (I wish I was wrong in that assumption!)

Well, it's private, they say ... sure it is, until it is not!  I recall that a former US President's private enjoyment became very public ... and he's not the only one ... Or, in the UK the Profumo Affair scandal also became very public.

Having worked with various leaders in the business world, I found myself counselling some very private and highly confidential issues. 

Time and time again I found that domestic relationships and intimacy (or the lack of it) impacted business performance, even to the point of individuals loosing an entire company because of it. The reverse is also true, work related issues (not to mention extra marital work affairs) have a negative impact on the home relationship. It's a loop, a cycle.

And by the way, I am not pointing the finger just at men, high flying executive women are quite capable to play with fire, too. Also, I am not wagging the proverbial moralistic finger!

Whilst there are a whole range of various dynamics at play for these issues to emerge, brain science has found that pornography, or affairs (paid or not) - based on fantasy rather than real relationships - activates the same addiction brain areas as heroine. 

In my consulting and counselling work experience, I have come to the conclusion that a different paradigm, replacing the friction and hormonal/mood driven model, tends to work well long-term in committed relationships: True Sacred Tao-Tantric Sexuality. Why? Tao-Tantric Sexuality is based on vibrational energy generated from an inner state of consciousness, it's a shared intimate lifestyle between partners - energy that is produced from 'within' rather than titillation from external stimuli.

Once the exquisite beauty of such a lifestyle is experienced by both partners, there is virtually no going back to casual sex. It is also gently healing, transformational, and it is not dependent of media perfect bodies, lack of wrinkles, older body shapes or sizes (or even disabled bodies!!). It promotes a deeply spiritual, mindful, conscious, and meditative lifestyle that can connect two human beings within their divine essence, weaving them into 'one'.

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