My Glimpse of Eternity

"What appears to be the end of the road
may simply be a bend in the road"
~Robert H. Schuller

A New Sunrise

I transitioned into eternity.

One moment I struggled for breath and the next moment I found myself floating weightlessly and effortlessly in the most tranquil ethereal stillness. It was like I was lovingly cradled by a warm golden light, beckoning me onwards.

It was like there was only love, joy and peace in this realm, a sense of exquisite oneness.

As I was drawn to this indescribable loving golden light, an entire emergency resuscitation team around my hospital bed made sure that I did not continue floating further in that direction ...

I came back.

People still shouting, "Cardiac Arrest!!", monitors bleeping furiously, and ...

I have no fear of death, and I found the whole experience of a NDE (Near Death Experience) quite enlightening. This third heart attack was the most significant as I had "consciously" transitioned over with a long flat-lined 'time-out'.

Apart from the struggle of breath (Atrial Fibrillation with fluid leakage into the lungs), I found dying was easier and smoother than living.

I chose to live, and the demand for me to live from family, loved ones, friends, medical people, plus prayers from literally all around the world, was too great to journey on into this eternal adventure.

What followed was a series of medical/surgical interventions, which were painful and unpleasant, such as opening blockages in the heart with stents inserted, a pacemaker implant, plus the long healing process of the ribs that were cracked during the resuscitation.

I became aware, after that NDE experience, that my entire outlook to a busy, at times intensive, entrepreneurial lifestyle had changed. I am deeply grateful to be alive and surrounded by loving people, my grandchildren, and of course my little fur-baby, my Mi-Ki dog, Pippin.

I had come to the point where I had to learn the hard way to put myself first. Sure, I knew all this before, but it appears that professionals tend not to follow their own advice ....

The 'bend in the road'? Well, I am travelling on a fresh adventure of conscious joyful living, allowing beauty, grace and ease and bountiful abundance to come to me, as I am flowing on my divinely aligned path, choosing to inspire my senior sisters to upgrade their lives, as well.

Angelika (Geli) Heimann, B.S. (Hons), M.S. Psych – BIO

 Geli is a Holistic Mental Wellbeing Coach, Mentor, and Energy Practitioner to Third-Age Women, who are also heart-centred and spirit-led entrepreneurs.

After several heart attacks, a cardiac arrest with NDE, and subsequently brought back to this realm of life, she decided to step off the hamster wheel of job life, and instead enjoy and inspire other ageless sister goddesses to a life of sovereignty with fun, playfulness, curiosity and hope.

What she is offering to this community are personal coaching, coaching programs, master classes, masterminds and sisterhood circles on a variety of subjects, such as:

♥ How to reclaim your fun, juicy sensuality and sexiness as a playful happy crone with Tao Tantric adventures

♥ How to enjoy and create enchanting sacred spaces for self nurturing and spiritual connections with the Divine and Akashic Records

♥ How to navigate menopausal, post-menopausal challenges with energy psychology and essential oils

♥ How to harmoniously balance masculine and feminine energy vibrations to create a productive flow-state for soul aligned business, using Taoist energy technologies, the new field of spiritual intelligence, and the science of Positive Psychology

♥ How to combine spiritual intelligence with emotional intelligence in accelerating a flourishing healthy feminine business with integrative collaboration

 Geli is passionate in empowering her savvy sage wise-women Sisters so that they can be the Divine Feminine Leaders they were 
unapologetically meant to be!

Geli’s orientation is based on the disciplines of “Positive Psychology” and “Energy Psychology”, rather than “Clinical Psychology”. She is also an Essential Oils educator coming from a family lineage of botanical science and pharmacy. 

Many professional older women are facing uncertainty in the future at this time.
As a degreed Masters Business Psychologist, Geli Heimann provides these women with proven strategies to help them continue to generate multiple figures of wealth.

Her joy is to explore the vibrational energy properties of therapeutic grade essential oils, and how they can boost the well-being and productivity of especially older women-preneurs. 

Part of mentoring on multiple streams of income, Geli shows how being a Brand Partner with a major Network Marketing Essential Oils company, Young Living, can encourage creating a much needed community in older age with a collaborative sisterhood.

Geli Heimann is also an educator for complimentary healing arts, tantra intimacy coach, ordained minister, and sage mystic, bridging science, spirituality and metaphysics.

Geli, German born and raised, has resided in various countries, such as the Netherlands and Hong Kong. She now lives in London, England, and loves being a mother, grandmother,

and pet-parent to her adorable little Mi-Ki dog, Pippin.

In all her work with her clients, as well as for friends and family members, she proudly uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils.

The 'Loving Your Age' Radiant Woman

She's a wise woman who lives full-out, feels energetic and joyfully alive ... despite being in her 60's and beyond,
even with health challenges

She values supreme self-care, developing her higher sensual feminine power with divine spirituality to enable the gift of healing to herself and those around her who might need it

She knows how to set healthy boundaries, expressing her freedom not having to please anyone to feel acceptable
She radiates confidence, and wisdom, and owns her worth
It's OK to express her vulnerability as needed


She actively listens to her body with reverence and respect, loving herself to wholeness
She knows how to nourish her spirit, mind, and body for optimal wellbeing
She engages her true divine desire to manifest her mission to receive what she really, truly wants, and
to become who she's meant to be
She knows how to deeply connect in meaningful relationships with others in Circle

If you are that woman, or you are ready to become that woman, you're in the right place
we're so glad you're here!

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