Finally, I made another German dish. It’s a classic one, however I added a little twist, rolling in even more yummy goodness.

I bought slices of organic beef from my local Halal butcher, however I found them too lean and thus too dry. I would recommend you to get ‘Skirt’ *, a cut of beef that cookes beautifully moist (see description of that cut of beef below.
Slices of beef
bacon slices
hot mustard
salt and pepper
mince (half-half beef and pork mince)
sweet pickled gherkins
very finely chopped onions
sliced shallots
ground aromatic spices: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, allspice
mixed dried herbs
slices of red bell pepper
garlic (3-4 good size pieces squeezed per Roulade)
flaked almonds
paprika (mild or sweet, not the hot variety)
fresh thyme and fresh parsley
bay leaf
beef stock cube
red wine
small amount of tomato puree
For the gravy:
small amount of corn starch to thicken gravy
crème fraîche or double cream to stir into gravy just before serving
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Pound meat with a tenderizing mallet (the side with “teeth”). If you use ‘skirt’ then you probably won’t need to tenderise the meat.
Generously season both sides of each slice of meat with salt and freshly ground pepper.
Spread the mustard, paprika and squeezed garlic on one side of the meat slice (the side you roll up everything in.
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(click to enlarge)
Then add a small piece of mince formed into a shape of a saussage. The mixed mince you’ll have seasoned with the ground aromatic spices, salt and pepper, mixed dried herbs and the finely chopped onions.
Continue to add all the other ingredients, the gherkins, sweet pepper, shallots, dried apricots, flaked almonds, fresh thyme and fresh parsley.
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Then roll it all up and secure the roll with a thread / yarn, tooth picks, or if you have them, Rouladen clamps (which is what I used …. but then I bought mine in Germany).
Seal the Rouladen in fiercely hot coconut oil or ghee in the frying pan before adding them to the slow cooker / crock pot or oven casserole. (Please do not use olive oil or vegetable oil to heat seal the meat.)
In the crock pot (slow cooker) dissolve the beef stock cube in a little amount of hot water and stir in a small amount of tomato puree into it. Add the bay leaf and the fresh herbs.
Squeeze in the Rouladen (meat rolls) and pour in the red wine (I admit I used a bottle. I am quite generous with alcohol when it comes to cooking …)
After a few hours a very tantalizing delicious cooking aroma will waft from the slow cooker (crock pot). It will be worth the wait!
Serve with vegetables to your liking.

Beef Skirt Steak:
Skirt Steak is a long, flat muscle cut from the beef flank and plate area.
In the United States, this cut of beef is a long, flat, boneless beefsteak taken from the plate primal of the beef carcass. Unlike the U.S., in Britain the Skirt Steak is typically cut from the flank primal. The Skirt Steak is a flavourful piece of meat but can be rather tough if it is not cooked or cut properly.
It might come with a slightly thick layer of fat and muscle membrane; so, you would need to trim the surrounding membrane if your butcher has not done it for you.
Apparently, skirt steak is also known as the “butcher steak” because it’s rarely found on meat counters—the butcher takes this one home.
Here are a few pics to help you identify this particular cut of beef:

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