I love finely chopped soft fresh herbs, such as parsley in my cooking, but larger and woodier herbs and spices are better in a cook bag. On the left is a recent picture I have taken that shows how the rosemary herbs ‘leaves’ come off the stems and are definitely in the ways of eating enjoyment.
The same applies to cardamon seeds, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon bark, orange peel, star aniseed, woody lemongrass stalks, etc.
So, a good little trick is to get some sturdy cook bags made from re-usable cheesecloth or similar material.

This what I use:

I bought my ‘Wrap ‘n Boil bags at a Kosher shop … I do not have a kosher household, I just happen to like those bags.
They are made from 100% cotton, knitted, loose enough to allow the cooking fluids to easily steep the ingredients, but tight enough for herbs and spices bits not to escape from the bag.
I also like how very large and roomy they are. Certainly can handle a lot of ingredients.
Also they wash out really well. I basically just used dishwash liquid and rinsed them under running hot water.

Here on the left is a used, washed cook bag. As you can see there are plenty more uses left in this bag!
If you don’t have a Kosher shop nearby, I am sure you can find them easily enough online. There are plenty of different varieties available. I will post some samples below.
I think most of them are muslin or cheese cloth in different sizes. Still very useful!
I even found one metal holder. Use whatever it suits you to keep spiky woody bits from interfering with your eating enjoyment.



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