Welcome to my first How-To Video Tutorial! (from many, many years ago) How to use a chef knife in the best way and cut almost anything (without cutting yourself).
These are skills that we, as home cooks, consider the easiest and quickest routes to the food we want to cook.

In the video I show how to hold or grip the knife as used by most chefs. The palm of the hand chokes up on the handle, while the thumb and index finger grip the top of the blade.
Usually many home cooks hold a knife, by wrapping the entire hand around the handle. The chef’s grip has evolved that way for a reason: it’s the most efficient way to use the weight of the knife, the sharpness of its blade, and the strength of your arms, which makes for the easiest cutting.
The helping hand:
Have you ever wondered how chefs manage not to chop off finger tips or fingernails? They use the so-called bear claw, with the fingertips curled under and knuckles pressing down on the ingredient to keep it from rolling or sliding. It’s definitely something to get used to, but it’s the safest place for your fingertips to be in relation to the cutting blade. It certainly takes practice!

Give it a try …

P.S. … I just had to share this movie clip from Julie & Julia … enjoy 😉


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