Travel and Community Building Through Your Professional Journey

Okinawa, Japan, Diamond Retreat 2024

Building a Global Community and Travel Experiences Through a Home-Based Business

First things first, I am not there yet, but I'm working on it! 

The pictures are from my adopted European Mentor Group. I also have direct USA Mentors. However, as I live in London, and I am a German citizen, I identify more with the Europeans.

I spent some time with them in Vienna, Austria, at the beginning of this year (2024). They are very special to me.

While the principle of building a global community is the same, there are regional differences between the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa, where the company I partner with is represented. My local community is obviously the European one.

The pictures are from the 2024 Diamond Retreat in Japan, at the newest opening of a farm in Okinawa. The retreat is an all-expenses-paid trip. These pictures serve as inspiration for what is possible!

Why This Community is Special

Why is this so special? Because these are ordinary people from all walks of life. No fancy academic backgrounds, although some do have a Dr. or PhD title, but the majority are just everyday folk from various jobs or professions who glimpsed the vision of making a difference in the lives of others and then partnered together. People who realized that by linking arms and lifting each other up, we all win.

It is servant leadership in action! It has often been said that certain business models are ideal for the future, especially Network Marketing home-based businesses. However, there is a caveat: it is not for everybody, and it is not for those who believe it is a get-rich-quick and easy industry. Rather, it is an industry of 'blood, sweat, and tears,' of extremely hard work and full of sacrifices.

The Path to Success in a NETWORK MARKETING Home-Based Business

To build a team of Diamonds (such as these pictures show) requires at times over 80+ hours of hard work during the week, being there for others, celebrating together, but also crying and weeping together, stumbling, failing, and getting back up again, and never giving up.

The result is a tight community, lasting friendships, where people have each other’s backs, see the potential in others, and will not rest until each one, willing to fight the good fight, is out of their own limiting beliefs and personal trauma and rising up again to fly and soar high!

Freedom, Responsibility, and Personal Development

Yes, every single person is responsible for their own business; nobody is building it for you! Nobody is telling you what to do or when to do it; you don't have a rota or work shifts, you are not given a job schedule, and you don't have a boss or manager breathing down your neck. You are not paid by the hour (in fact, at the beginning you are likely not being paid at all, just investing in your own personal development). There is no fear or dread that you might get the sack if you don't perform, there is no fear or dread that a colleague might be envious or jealous of your work and push you aside, there is no ego bullying. You have total freedom to do, or not do, whatever and whenever in your own business; it is YOUR business. You are your own boss.

Leadership Team Building Excellence

You can choose to treat your business as a hobby or work extremely hard—it is entirely up to you. However, success in this field is entirely performance-related; you are not paid by the hour but in alignment with how many people in your team you help so that they can live better lives, too.

The picture here is of my adopted European Royal Crown Diamond Leadership couple, with whom I spent time in Austria at the beginning of the year.

Transformational Leadership

Role models come to mind! During the many trips in their car and the invaluable conversations we had, I used this analogy to describe how I view Vijay and Ulli (RCD couple in this pic): imagine a top-ranking military Field Marshal (FM) who sees one of his lowest-ranking soldiers struggling. Without a second thought, this FM is down on his hands and knees in the mud and dirt of an uncomfortable trench right next to his struggling soldier, encouraging them, "You can do it! I believe in you! Here are some smart ways you can grow and better yourself! There is hope, keep going." This is exactly how I experienced this Royal Crown Diamond couple.

They are transformational leaders who regard every one of their partners at the same eye level. There are no hierarchical, ego-driven motives, just pure and simple soul driven servant leadership with the intention to walk beside everyone willing to put in the work. ... These are precisely my values, which I also choose to adhere to with my team and my business partners!

Will you be courageous enough to embark on this type of business adventure? The cost is high, the stakes are high, there are absolutely no guarantees, but the rewards, the residual income, the joy, the lasting friendships, and community are even higher!

Bright blessings,

                 P.S. Even more so, will you want to experience those all expenses paid trips to various parts of the world? So far this year (2024), and it's only just April, there were Diamond trips to Dubai, and now Okinawa. There are many trips even on the way to Diamond! You get to be with a community of like-minded people who have become your friends whilst experiencing the good life on various continents and different interesting countries. I think that is worth going out of one's way to help others, to help families experience a better life, too