You may have been that child that might have had loving parents, but they were always busy .... you may have been that child that might have lived in the shadows of a sibling, or the hopes of a parent who would have preferred a different gender, or whatever it may have been. You adapted and conformed to the expectation, after all rejection is just too painful.

Self-love and sacred self-care what actually is that? If you are a woman, you may have received validation from others if you sacrificed your own desires and served others, please others.

You might have even experienced traumatic events where your boundaries were trashed....

There now moments where it's ok to take courage to acknowledge your inner fears and shadows. Are you willing to allow them greater space to surface so that you no longer are being run by them?

When your mind swirls with 'what if's', 'what could have been', stress pushes you to react at times in ways that might cause regret later, allow yourself to gently breathe into your heart.

Actually, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing into your heart. Bring yourself from your mind into your body and lovingly feel what's there and nurture yourself tenderly.
Mindfully create space for pleasure and playfulness. Imagine you could weave magic and miracles into your Everyday life (because you can ♥).

Yes, you can choose to be in your own joy, yes you can choose to love yourself and be in love with yourself, choosing to say yes to life. Choosing to say yes to gentle inner transformation and bathing in your own inner beauty, your own goodness. 

Yes, you can open your heart again, especially to yourself, allowing yourself to be honest and truthful ... and if you need help with that, there is no shame. You are loved ♥


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