transforming cooking from chore to joy … re-imagine wellbeing and cooking as meditation

Well, what exactly is mindful eating and creating a conscious kitchen?

Let me first show you what it isn’t … or at least in my understanding … the way I used to do it, raising hand “guilty!”

Whilst I hardly ever sat in front of the TV and mindlessly ate lunch or dinner (I am not a TV person), I slipped into the habit of eating at my computer or laptop … the dangers of working from home as an entrepreneur, not taking time to switch off properly.

More often or not, I quickly grabbed something I found in the cupboard or refrigerator. It really did not matter much what exactly that was, provided it was quick and stopped a rumbling tummy whilst my eyes were glued to the computer screen. As you can well imagine, I did not taste my food that much as I wasn’t focused on what I ate.

I still enjoyed cooking, and I still enjoyed healthy dishes, but more often than not I ‘fell off the wagon’ of healthy eating, plus indulged in bread and junk food which was quicker to prepare and cheaper.
Of course relying on inexpensive, overly processed food is tempting, giving the demanding activities building my own business, however the cost is actually far greater than it appears. This may come in different ways. For me it ‘surprised me’ as heart attacks, cardiac arrest with NDE, which then resulted in me having had two heart stents implanted plus a pacemaker and other procedures. It came as a surprise as I had neglected to look after myself, ignoring tell-tale signs.


A radical shift in my mindset, habits and lifestyle had to happen, if I was to take my second lease of life seriously!

For starters. I needed to consistently increase the Young Living products I was consuming. Gary Young was heard saying, “The Young Living oils and supplements will not work if you don’t use them!” … The key is to use them as they were meant to be used, properly at the right amounts and consistently. So, that was lesson 1. I increased “NingXia Red” straightway and drunk it ever since daily consistently at least two shots a day. What a game changer!! It’s more like a liquid supplement.

Clinical studies show that NingXia Red significantly increases physical energy levels by 35%; reduces daily stress by 23%; and improves overall mental wellbeing. It supports the maintaining of healthy blood sugar levels as well as healthy cholesterol. The NingXia wolfberry oxygenates blood cells. The minerals in NingXia Red are super important for heart health and the cardiovascular system, and also supports healthy blood pressure levels. It also boosts the immune system plus strengthens bones and muscles, as it contains essential amino acids and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and copper. It also supports normal digestive health. Fell free to contact me if you wish to order your own at 24% wholesale discount.
Here are some tips on increasing your greens:

As I was now increasing my greens consumption, I came up with a smart idea: 
All ‘waste’, stems from broccoli, veg peels, etc., I am now collecting chopped in a bag in a freezer. When the bag is full, I add it to the stock pot and cook it all. Picture here was from broccoli stems, celery, onion, and other greens. I used a sauce pan but now only cook them in the slow cooker.

Once the greens ‘waste’ is cooked, it goes into the blender to create a fine creamy consistency. Finally, I pour this mix into large silicon ice cube containers, and freeze them.

These frozen cubes come in super handy for soups, casserole dishes, and any other recipes that require liquid with a bit of texture. The benefit of this is, increased roughage and plant minerals, and the creamy texture thickens the cooking liquid without adding grain flour to it.
Cook once, eat twice by doubling the recipe and freeze leftovers and odds ‘n ends to ensure they can be reused at a later date later. This practice helped me being creative to develop new and interesting recipe combinations. Label everything accurately with date and revisit weekly to find ways of using things up.
Chop veggies ahead of time and store them in airtight containers, ready to be used in salads, stir-fries, and other recipes.
Plan your meals, shop, and prepare food in advance. Take some time, one day per week to sit down and plan your meals for the upcoming week, and make a shopping list.
Your well-being journey begins with a conscious connection to your nutrition.
Mindful eating and creating a conscious kitchen.
So, to me, mindful eating means getting away from distractions, whether that is the TV or the computer or playing a game on the smart phone. Getting away from consuming mindlessly whatever you grab. Instead, honour yourself and make anything you eat special.

Here’s one of my dishes: Grassfed Steak with olives, salad, feta cheese and Dijon mustard
I tend to eat Keto friendly or Paleo friendly food.
The key is to prepare your food in a conscious way, which starts with the planning, shopping, and then cooking. Prepare your food with gratitude, thanking the animal or plant that gave their lives for your sustenance. Thanking the people involved who brought it to you. No, clearly you don’t have to find them and thank them, it is a mindful act of heart, a mindful awareness.

This then leads to your cooking and mindful plating. It’s a form of meditation. It’s done with intention and gratitude.

Eat and chew mindfully and slowly. Really savour your food and thank it that it will nourish every cell in your body. Why is this mindful practice so important? It’s all vibrational energy, as well as functional nutrition quality.

I will expand on this theme more, but till then,

💚 Joyful Blessings


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