Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) means to make right. It's an ancient Hawaiian healing practice of forgiveness.

E KALA MAI IA 'U = (I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me)
MAHALO NUI LOA = (Thank You Greatly)
ALOHA NO WAU IA 'OE = (Aloha To You, "I Love You")

The heart of Hoʻoponopono is taking full responsibility for every emotion and feeling in your life. This is empowering because it means that you don’t have to change another person, it’s an inside job anyone can do. It feels empowering as you are then no longer the victim in any shape of form! It frees you to resolve your problems. You are totally responsible for your own responses to life, for what you perceive to be your reality.
It’s so easy to repeat those four phrases:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
So, whatever you might be feeling about a situation or another person, such as rage, anger, frustration, helplessness, sadness, or any other negative emotions, understand that these are your own emotions and have nothing to do with the situation upsetting you, or the other person being the perpetrator. All you do is 100% own your feelings, your own reaction, triggered often by the various filters we built up in our subconscious over the years.

So, using the Hoʻoponopono technique to clean or clear your own feelings in yourself and starting to feel better as a result, then something else happens that is exciting. Energetically, this affects the other person/s or situation and also causes a change to happen.
Hoʻoponopono is all about dissolving a problem within yourself. It’s not about changing anything on the outside.
Whenever people look on the outside, e.g. I don’t like that person or that situation, they are coming from the wrong perspective in terms of Hoʻoponopono. Instead, what you want to look at is, ‘why are you afraid, or disturbed, or whatever, about …’ why are you focusing on the situation? Hoʻoponopono will help you dissolve that concern, that worry.
As you take care of the feeling of concern inside of yourself, the problem, as you experience it, will dissolve from an energetic level.
So, the key is, focus on the ‘inner’, rather than on the ‘outer’. We want to clean our perception of reality on the inside, our perception of lack – rather than thinking, when will the change in my circumstances happen? Then we see that there is an abundance of possibilities around us.
When it comes to Hoʻoponopono, there are no ‘outer’ problems. You perceive a problem as outside of yourself relying on your senses and interpreting the events according to your subconscious filters. One of Dr. Hew Len’s favourite statements is, “Have you ever noticed, that when there is a problem, you are there?!”
Why? because you are participating in the creation of that problem. The participation is an ‘inside event’. So, when you take care of the problem on the inside, cleaning that issue as you perceive it, in your mind-body system, then, that ‘outer’ will change.
When we focus on that problem residing in our psyche, that problem we are holding in our awareness, and then do the Hoʻoponopono cleaning:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
… that problem inside of us will then dissolve. When you don’t feel it in your system any more, you won’t even see it any more. Even if you still see the physical evidence, new ideas of opportunities rise up within you to deal with it, but, again, this still comes from within you.
When it comes to issues with another person, it’s not about the other person, it’s about yourself; it’s not so much forgiving the other person, but forgiving yourself.
Let’s dissect the phrases:
When I say, “I’m sorry”, I am actually saying, “I’m sorry that I have been unconscious, please forgive me for not being aware of my own programming, my own beliefs, my own negativity, of my past memories. Forgive me, and I am sorry for not being alert in a conscious responsible way to how helped create the problem I am perceiving.”
The next phrase you’re saying is, “Thank you”. You’re thanking Divinity for cleaning this problem from within you.
Then finish off with, “I love you”. The essence of Divinity is love, thus you are merging yourself with the essence of love itself. This is also expressing your devotion of the Divine.
Thus, there is quite a bit of energy behind each of those phrases, almost like a spiritual combination lock that opens up the feelings within you, and then releases them.
So, it does not matter whatever it is, an issue of forgiveness of somebody else, or whatever you are perceiving as a problem, focus on that as you are saying those four phrases, building a connection with the Divine. That is the recipe. Quite simple and powerful.


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