Social connections, community, and strong relationships have been associated with increased life span, improved mental health,
and improved physical markers.

💞 It’s all to do with wanting to feel like we belong 💞

However, there are times when we outgrow our circle of friends, when competing with others in order to be accepted, seen and heard becomes unhealthy.

Here are three tips how to ease the peer pressure on yourself to fit in.


>>> Finesse your following <<<

Unfollow those people that make you feel ‘less than’ and start following people you find relatable, positive and uplifting.

>>> Question yourself <<<

Challenge the negative chatter in your head that says you’re not good enough unless you have, be or do what your friends have or do what they want you to do.
It’s just not true!

>>> Find your tribe <<<

The sense of belonging you get from being part of a group is important to your wellbeing, but if that means giving up your goals, values or opinions, it’s time to find a new tribe


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