Ok here's a fun game for you. Find a pretty bowl (large one), and get red craft paper, some ribbons, and some white or colourful writing paper. Cut the craft paper and the writing paper into hearts shapes with the writing paper folded in the centre and held in place by the ribbon.
Now, every time someone says something lovely about you, something that makes you feel seen, understood, warm and loved, write that on the little paper with the name of the person.
Then tie that paper into the red heart, fold it and tie the ribbon in the centre, and drop it into the bowl.
Make one of these heart messages EVERY TIME someone says something meaningful to you or about you.
Next time you feel a bit off, unseen, invisible, unloved, or in need of a soul-hug, go to your bowl and randomly pick out a heart message, and let it nurture you until you can breathe and smile again. 
Then fold the heart message back up and mix it back into your bowl for next time ♥


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