Hello Divine Gorgeous Goddess! 
      ... I decided to share some quite personal and vulnerable bits from my life, to serve as some inspiration for you ♥    

Coming to age in the 60/70's a time of sexual liberation and freedom, 'Swinging London' Carnaby Street, miniskirts, pop music festivals, and the list goes on, definitely was an amazing era to grow up in. However, not all things were plain sailing ...

 Several decades ago I found myself facing a conundrum that somehow had a sting in its tail.

See, I was the wild chick of the '70s.

Coming from a respectable family, my mother's side originates from very old German aristocracy, both mother and father scientists (mother clinical pharmacist); I myself had just left university in Germany following the academic path that I was expected to take, I now found myself 'testing the waters' in London, England.

The music scene was huge there back then. I was heavily into dance with a background of jazz ballet,  classical and ballroom, so did some solo dancing with rock groups on stage, etc., loved playing the flute, and did some modelling. 

Having been brought up with a very puritanical religious mother who instilled in me that I should never sexually offer myself to a man before marriage, as he would surely take advantage of me, I decided to play without loosing 'the upper hand' (basically meaning never allowing myself to show pleasure, as that would mean that I surrendered to men ... screwed up, right???!! ... Thanks, mother!)

Having had an 'inappropriate experience' with a male friend of my parents when I was four or five years old, did not help either. Lots of 'stuff' happened much later, which I won't go into here right now.

What I am coming to is, when I finally did find a meaningful romantic relationship, I was unable to let go; any kind of orgasmic bliss evaded me completely, which caused untold frustration and all sorts of problems. I was called a playful frigid block of ice. 

Whilst I never pretended, I was unable to receive pleasure, no matter how much the various lovers tried their 'skills' .... until I was introduced to Tao-Tantric Sacred Intimacy.

The man in question understood vibrational energy, the power of unwavering presence, and the deep awareness to hold my powerful feminine orgasmic force (which I did not know I had), bringing it out into full play.

I transcended into a long lasting full-body crescendo rivalling a Wagnerian operatic performance, 'lost' in the experience I was no longer in control of, but in flow with something so much bigger than myself.

The after effect was equally stunning, I could not move, not even a finger, my entire body was buzzing with a vibrational, almost electric, current.

Apart from the fact that I was now totally determined to really understand Tao Tantric practices as much as possible myself, I was also determined to help other women and those who love them to guide them on a path of ecstatic bliss. 

Simply put, once you experienced a prolonged orgasmic state like this, there is no way to ever wanting to go back to the ordinary friction induced few-second-climaxes!

"Orgasm is a state where your body is no longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. 

It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing.
In orgasm, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating."
           ~ Osho

Understanding Presence and Sexual Energy is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac, and Higher Oneness Bliss!

On this website and in my private coaching, I often emphasize playfulness and the partners getting to know each other's bodies in a new way. 

I teach skills about caressing the beautiful and sensitive 'little button' within the female anatomy, and so much more - both, small snippets on blog posts like this, and more details in the private membership area on this website which is more suitable for the mature audience.

However, this blog post is meant to serve those who wish to go a little deeper, and start learning beginner concepts of 'master skills.

During a truly sacred sexual experience, something special happens: our attention moves beyond the sexual anatomy and into the eyes and hearts of our partners.

 We become keenly aware that our partners are more than bodies.
Sexual ecstasy occurs at a point when our bodies are merging with spirit, as we disappear as individuals and become one with everything.

This is a little bit more advanced with some deeper concepts.

When being caressed, enter the caress with presence until the bliss arises.

Like any meditation and mindfulness practice, this takes time to master. When your mind wanders, just simply and gently bring it back to presence.

In any perceptual activity, in this case, touch and caress, when you enter the experience with presence, very interestingly the so called subject-object split will disappear. Bliss will rise and you will enter the flow of blissful state.

The quantum Zeno effect occurs when we, by focusing our attention, hold the activated brain areas in place long enough so that a rewiring happens.

The quantum Zeno effect is a feature of quantum mechanical systems that allows a particle's time evolution to be slowed down or even stopped by measuring it frequently enough with respect to some chosen measurement setting. 

Sometimes this effect is interpreted as a system cannot change while you're watching it, one can freeze the evolution of the system by measuring it frequently enough in its known initial state.

The name comes from Zeno's arrow paradox, which states that because an arrow in flight is not seen to move during any single instant, it cannot possibly be moving at all. 

What we call objects are actually perceptual activities in our own awareness.

So, if you replace the word "object" with "experience", and then replace the word "experience" with "perceptual activity" then you have focused awareness on that perceptual activity. Then this focus flows into presence in that focused activity, or in that object.

Then soon the object reveals itself as an aspect of yourself. 

Every object is an aspect of yourself. 

And soon that object-subject split disappears, and you enter the state of bliss,  and you can do this with any of your senses. 

So when you bring presence to say flavours, taste, or bring presence to fragrance, to sound, when you bring presence to any sensation, or an image, a feeling or a thought, then it reveals itself as an aspect of yourself, and when the subject-object split disappears, then you enter the state of bliss.

We understand this as what is called mindfulness practices, or meta cognition. so, just bring presence to experience, and you will fall in love with the experience and you will see its beauty. 

, awareness, and beauty. If you do the same thing with any sentient being, what you will soon experience is what you call love. Beauty is presence, and an object of perception and love is presence, in another sentient being, Therefore beauty, love and truth are all transcendence and ultimate bliss, is beyond subject object split and it's our true nature. Love is not a mere sentiment, it's the ultimate truth. When I see beauty, I know it as truth, and I know it as love.

Beauty, love, presence and truth are all one.

Essential Oils Recommendation

Present time forces the body to stay in the moment. This is excellent for those who live in the past or the future and never are fully present. Those who are dealing with loss or buried emotions will benefit from this oil.

What are the Documented Uses for Present Time Essential Oil? Anger, argumentative, balance, clearing, confusion, day-dreaming, disappointment, fear, frustration, grief and sorrow, guilt, grounding, irritability, loss of loved one, stay in moment, obsessiveness, past, spacing out, ease stress, sympathy, and transitions.

Present Time was created to help you be in the moment. This blend’s aroma reduces occasional stresses to allow you to move into the present. Being in the present time is the key to progressing and moving forward, helping to create the best you. If you feel you are living in the past or focusing on the future, this oil encourages you to be in the now.
  • Neroli is another name for bitter orange and is known for bringing energy into the center and helping you be present in the moment.
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil has a grounding, earth-connecting aroma that enhances and uplifts the spirit and is soothing to muscles after activity when combined with massage. 
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin and shiny hair and has a calming aroma that sets the mood for romance
  • Frequency enhancement


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