It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon, I had just completed an errant and was on my way home when my phone rang.

It was Sally (name changed to protect them). I knew if Sally rang it was important! So, I pulled over and switched the engine off and answered the call.

Between sobs and crying, I just made out, “Geli, we need you now! I am going to leave him, I had enough!”

Thoughts raced through my mind as I did a U-turn and headed towards Sally’s house.

Goodness knows what happened again! Sally and Peter had been clients of mine for a while. Both had severe emotional scarring from past trauma, and there were times when it was just short of another major crisis, or .... plain too much!

One thing I knew was, sincere love for each other had kept them together for over 30 years. So for Sally to howl into the phone, “I’m going to leave him!”, left me alarmed ....

I pulled my car into their drive, and rang the bell. Peter answered, his face red and furious.

Thankfully I always carry a small bag of calming and emotionally grounding essential oils. He knew the routine and stretched out his hands for me to put some drops into his palms. He knew what to do, how to activate the oils for their vibrational frequencies to turn up strong, and then buried his face in his hands to breath in the therapeutic healing aroma.

With him kinda sorted, meaning, he stopped shouting, ranting, and .... I turned to Sally who was shaking almost out of control and hyperventilating, hardly getting any breath.

With her permission, I laid my oils dripping hands on the belly and heart, and calmingly instructed her to start breathing into her belly.

I added some more oils on my hands and then used Energy Psychology, tapping on her meridian points, as she breathed in the therapeutic aroma.

She slowed down in her breathing and was able to sit still, looking at me for the first time since I arrived, quietly mouthing “Thank you”.

I got them both in a calmer state, and now it was time for the next step. Heart Breathing.

Sally was willing to get up and walk over to Peter. I gently instructed them to put their non-dominant hand on each other’s hearts and imagine that they could breath through their own heart into the heart of the other via their hands.

At the same time I requested that they would look into each other’s eyes. Gently, I instructed Peter to gaze into Sally’s eyes, beyond her beautiful brown eyes, right into her soul, and see the little girl, that was so frightened.

Slowly, a little tear emerged from the big, strong man as he beheld his sweet lady.

He could not hold back any longer, he tenderly cupped her head in his hands, kissing her forehead and gently pulled her into his arms. Now both had tears running down their faces, tears of love, as they tenderly kissed each other.


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