Since 1988, I’ve had strong connections with Africans and I am happy to say that some dear friendships resulted which have lasted till today.
Needless to say, I was also enjoying their generosity when it came to new and interesting foods. So here is one recipe I made many times at home and has become my own family favourite.
This recipe was graciously given to me by my Ghanaian friend Patricia.


The measurements below are extremely conservative. I normally use 4-5 times the amount stated below. I leave it to your disgression how strongly flavoured you’d like it.
Oil for frying,
Chopped Goat Meat. I like it with bones as the flavour next to bones is far better to my liking, plus it seems more tender too. Goat meat has a very unique and strong flavour, however it’s not always available at your local butcher’s. So, try Mutton or, failing that, Lamb. Caution, lamb meat cooks through faster than Goat, and could just disintegrate in the general stew.
Chilli Pepper (ideally, the chilli should be like on the picture, looking like a sweet bell pepper but small and squashed. If you can’t get that one, any other hot chilly will do. A word of caution, those squashed chilli peppers are HOT, no joking they are hot, I mean VERY HOT!! They give a great flavour, though. For those of you who can’t take the heat, do not cut open the chilly, let it cook whole and then take it out before serving – or give it to a daring diner)
Ginger, grated (aprox 1 TBsp)
Tomato Puree (aprox. 2 small tins)
Chopped Tomatoes (2 tins)
Maggi cubes, at least 4 (according to taste) – if you can’t find Maggi cubes, then use ordinary stock cubes.
Curry Powder – Madras – (2-3 Tsp If you want a stronger curry flavour, add a bit more)
Fresh Coriander, chopped (lots)
Fresh Parsley (preferably flat leaf), chopped (aprox 1 Tsp).


Do not fry and seal the meat but add it raw to the pot / slow cooker / crock pot. The flavours of the other ingredients will seep in better. (OK I did fry/seal it and it was very tender and full of flavours).
Put all the ingredients, except for the onions, chilli and tomato paste into a large oven casserole dish, or slow cooker / crock pot.
Fry the onions and chilli pepper until the onions are soft, and then add the tomato puree. Continue frying this for a few minutes.
Add this to the rest of the ingredients in the pot. Stir in water according to desired consistency (you may need to add more water during the cooking process.
Give it all a good stir and cook.

If you’re using a slow cooker / crock pot use the setting ‘automatic’ (or else high and after some hours switch it down to low)

For the oven casserole use the usual setting you use when making meat casseroles – e.g. 160-200’C. Again let it cook for several hours, until the meat is tender, just falls off the bone, but not disintegrating (!).

Oh here’s my little *helper*, Truffle! He clearly found the goat meat smell irresistable. He was not impressed that I did not allow him up on the kitchen counter! Hhmmmm, nasty humans!


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