So, how do you kiss in a sensual and meaningful way that ignites an even stronger delicious passion?

Kissing is so yummy because you have more nerve endings in your lips than just about anywhere else in the body, plus your heart meridian goes straight through the centre of your lips!

What makes an awesome kisser? Not so much the techniques (although they are important, the reason I wrote this) It’s Presence! When you practice Deep Passionate Kissing, it makes you get totally present when kissing.

Bad kissing basically means, you’re not there and just use skills and techniques to impress someone ….

However, As you do need some great ingredients, here are some ideas to get you going:

This lingering kissing is more advanced and must never be rushed. It is deliciously relaxing and intoxicatingly beautiful. By the way, it is sometimes referred to as “French Kissing”, but I feel it goes beyond that, especially if you have a deep sensual and loving intimacy with your partner …

There is a very important rule that has to do with your attitude and intention:

It’s the loving dance of pleasure of giving and receiving, as opposed to ‘grabbing’, taking, and being a performance master.

Let me explain and give you some luscious scrumptious tips that will change your kissing pleasure forever …..

Some men have moved from the “come here woman, I want you now, and I know you want me” attitude to, “I can get her to moan and squirm; I can make her have multiple whatever’s; I know how to handle a woman that she comes back begging for more ….”

On the other hand, there are some women who seem to have a need to tease and please to get a reaction from him to want her; or just do the out-and-out serve/please him because she feels it’s her duty to him.

None of that should ever be part of your intimacy with your lover, but rather a lifestyle of respectful, tender loving intimacy.

Allow delicious sexual ecstasy weave into it, with abandoned and surrendered lovemaking to linger on.

So, what has all this got to do with kissing? Everything! All animals copulate, but only humans kiss in that special way, and have the capacity to kiss exchanging the divine essence of life, spirit …. breath.

For a meaningful kiss pour your whole loving self into your lover, and with vulnerable surrender receive the loved one’s heart at the same time (yes, men too).

Meaningful kissing opens up the avenue to get to know yourself in greater measure and of course your lover; it entwines knowledge with deep emotions and spirit. Each kissing dance is different and unique every time.

Now, let’s go to the skills bit:

If you’re new to this, let me give you a practical tip.

Imagine a beautiful warm summers day and you have a most luscious, juicy, scrumptious, mouth-watering, ripe peach in your hands (exchange peach for any other fruit if you prefer). Now, imagine that you’re going to savour this peach and not hastily gobble it up. You’re going to relish and take pleasure in really savouring this peach as you slowly take it to your mouth. Inhale the unique fruity fragrance and let your lips softly brush over the tiny hair. Cup your mouth over the peach and with a soft broad tongue experience the skin of the peach before opening it. Experience the exquisite pleasure of gently sucking in the juices and the flavours….. get the idea?

Now, let me ask you a question: was your focus on giving the peach pleasure or was your focus on intensely enjoying the peach?

Here comes the paradox, when you deeply and genuinely enjoy your lover, like savouring that peach, you’ll give pleasure to him or her. It’s like, ‘who’s the one giving or receiving?’ … somehow gets all muddled up in this delectable swirl.

OK here we go:

— The one who is experienced in the supreme art of kissing never ever zooms in on the lips straight away. You gently build sensory awareness. Even if everything inside of you *screams* for the touch of the lips, hold back and build greater tumescence by getting the rest of the body, or at least the rest of the face involved. 

The key is to awaken the nerve cells all around to avoid just a localised experience. You can do that by gently sniffing each other. It awakens your senses to different skin fragrances depending on the hormonal and emotional state. Also, the gentle air pulses that emanate as you breathe on your lover’s face will start to awaken anticipatory nerve cells, plus tuning you two into a synchronised breathing pattern.

— Build intimacy anticipation by kissing all around your lover’s face with soft, baby butterfly kisses and use your hands to caress the face, hair or body, and nuzzle their neckline.

— Use your nose to nuzzle and your lips to caress your loved one.

— Tease your partner by tracing the outline of his/her lips with the tip of your tongue.

— Now put your heart and body into a slow kiss alternating the pressure from gentle to deep with mouth slightly open. Gently touch their neckline and earlobes with your fingertips as you’re kissing. Then move your finger tips up to stroke the back of their head.

— Take your lover’s bottom lip between yours and suck gently. Allow the sounds of pleasure, naturally.

— Slowly lick your partner’s teeth with your tongue and increase your breathing to short rapid breaths, then alternate back to normal breathing.

— Wrap your lips around your loved-one’s tongue and gently suck passionately alternating your speed from slow to quick.

— Explore the inside of your lover’s mouth with your tongue by running it in small and large circles.

— Gently run your tongue along the inside of their upper lip

— Move your tongue in and out of your lover’s mouth slowly and deeply as if you were having intercourse. Remember to use your entire body with sensitivity and tenderness, and make all those wonderful sounds of love.

— Use hot or cold liquids to create new kissing sensibilities.

Well there are many more tips. However, the key is not in the technique but in the heart and how much presence you are willing to allow as you pour out of yourself into the other of delicious one-ness.

Live life with Love and Passion,


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